Wealthy Affiliate Poems by my AI

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love it, but I decided to see what my poetry-writing AI would say about it.

If you scroll down a little way you can see a video which shows how it works.

Here are some poems it created.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate,

What a life you must lead

You have so much money, it’s hard to believe

But you make it look easy, with your fancy cars

And your big houses with gates and guards

How do you do it? I wish I knew

I’d be happy with just a fraction of what you have

But then again, I guess I wouldn’t know what to do

With so much money, it’s hard to spend it all.


Here is a video to show you how my AI works

I created this video just after creating this page.

Link to Wordhero – you can then create your own poems with it.

Can money buy happiness?

They say money can’t buy happiness
But I think they’re wrong
Cause when I’m feeling down
I just log into my Wealthy Affiliate account
And start scrolling through the offers
There’s one for a new car.
One for a luxury vacation
And one for a million-dollar home.
I can’t pick just one
So I click on them all
And within minutes I’m feeling brand new.

The Wealthy Affiliate

The wealthy affiliate
Is the one who’s blessed
With riches and with gold
He has all he needs to live
And his life is easy and carefree
He never has to worry or fret
About where his next meal will come from
For he has all the money he could ever want
And he can spend it on whatever he pleases
He lives in a big fancy house
And drives a shiny new car
He never has to do a single thing
For himself, he has servants to do everything for him
Life is just one big party for him
And he never has to worry about anything.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

It’s a wonderful life,
Living the good life,
Being wealthy and Affiliate;
What could be better?

You can have anything you want,
All you have to do is ask;
Your neighbours are just like you,
Rich and Affiliate too.

There’s nothing like being rich,
Having all the toys you need;
And living the life of ease,
Is what being wealthy is all about.



No such thing as a free lunch

Wealthy affiliate,
You’ve made your fortune,
And now you live the high life,
In your giant mansion,
With your fancy cars,
And all your gold and jewels.
But is this really what you wanted?
Is this really what makes you happy?
Or are you just a slave to money,
Hiding your true self behind a mask?
The truth is, you can have it all,
If you’re willing to work for it,
But it’s not going to be easy,
There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
So if you’re ready to face the challenge,
Come and join us at wealthy affiliate,
Where anything is possible.

All the tools and training

Wealthy affiliate is the best
There’s no doubt about that
With all the tools and training
You can’t go wrong

It’s a great place to start
If you’re looking to make money online
There’s no better way than this
You can achieve your goals

It’s so easy to get started
You can be up and running in no time
And you can start making money
Which is what we all want, right?

Life is a breeze!

Wealthy affiliate,
what more could you want?
You’re raking in the dough,
and life is just a breeze.

No need to worry about money,
you’ve got more than you’ll ever need.
Your life is one big party,
and everyone’s invited.

You can be succesful

Wealthy affiliate,
what more could you ask?
The best training, tools and support,
to help you grow your business.
You can be successful,
if that’s what you desire,
with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up today!!

Wealthy affiliate,
where dreams of riches come true.
You can be a part of it,
if that’s what you want to do.
It’s not some get-rich-quick scheme,
but if you’re willing to work,
you can achieve anything.
The sky’s the limit,
with this program that pays.
So what are you waiting for?
Sign up today!

I am a Wealthy Affiliate

Affluent, my bank account is always in the black
Living the high life, never a care in the world
My riches are mine, not to mention my fine estate
The neighbours all look upon me with envy
I could never be poor, for I am a wealthy affiliate!

Enjoy the finer Things

I am wealth, and I affiliate
With those who have amassed great fortunes
And enjoy the finer things in life.
I give them what they desire: more money,
More possessions, more everything.
They are my chosen few, my inner circle,
The ones who will inherit my riches
When I am gone.

Click my Mouse

Wealthy affiliate, oh how you’ve blessed me
As I sit here in my comfortable chair
I’m able to click my mouse and generate income
That’s more than I ever could have dreamed
Thank you for your generous site
It has allowed me to be free
And never worry about money again.

I’ll never forget you!

Wealthy affiliate,
your program is the best,
I’m so glad I joined,
now my business is blessed.
You’ve given me the tools I need,
to succeed online and make money grow,
thank you for this wonderful gift,
I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me.

I want to be like you!

Wealthy affiliate,
What a surprise
You’re the one that got away
Out of my league, I must say

But with your help, I’m feeling just fine
I don’t need your money or your gold
I just want to learn what you know.

Learning New Skills

Wealthy Affiliate is the best!
Networking with people from all over the world,
Learning new skills and marketing strategies,
Building a website that brings in traffic and profits-
This is what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer!

What a choice!

Wealthy affiliate is the choice,
The best platform to be on,
There’s no other that can compare,
It’s the perfect place to be,
For anyone who wants to succeed,
You’ll get all the help you need,
There’s no way you can fail,
If you join Wealthy Affiliate.

A Sea of Diamonds

Wealthy affiliate,
What a sight to behold,
A sea of diamonds,
And gold so bright,
All sparking under the light,
Such magnificence,
Too dazzling to look at for long.

A Silver Spoon

Some people are born with a silver spoon,
They never have to worry about money, they’re just fine.
But others have to work hard for every cent,
And they’ll never be as wealthy as those born with a silver spoon.
The wealthy affiliate is one of those born with a silver spoon,
He doesn’t have to worry about money, he’s just fine.
But he doesn’t sit back and relax, he works hard for his wealth,
And he’ll never be as wealthy as those born with a silver spoon.

My Next Meal

I am a wealthy affiliate,
Born of money and privilege.
I never have to worry,
About where my next meal will come from.
My life is one of leisure,
Free from the worries of the working class.
I can afford anything I want,
Which is a life of luxury and ease.


Some people dream of riches and wealth,
Of money and gold they can hold in their hands.
But for me it’s not about the stuff I can buy,
It’s about the freedom that comes from being wealthy.

The freedom to work from anywhere I choose,
To never have to worry about money again.
It’s not about the flashy cars or big houses,
It’s about having everything I need and more.

It’s about being able to give back to those who need it,
And being able to travel anywhere I want.
It’s about having peace of mind and a happy heart,
And knowing that I earned all of this myself.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme!

Don’t be fooled by the name
Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme
It’s a community of entrepreneurs
Who have built successful businesses
And are here to help you do the same
We provide the training and tools you need
To create a website and start making money
Our members are successful because they work hard
And are committed to their success.

The site for me

Wealthy affiliate
Is the site for me
I’ve been looking for something like this
For a very long time
It’s everything that I need
And more than I could have hoped for
I know that I can succeed
With the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Make Money Online

They tell me to get a job
But I don’t need one
I’m part of the Wealthy Affiliate
And that’s all I need
I make money online
With my website
I don’t have to work
But I can if I want
I’m part of the Wealthy Affiliate
And that’s all I need.

Best training

Making money is such a breeze,
Especially with wealthy affiliate,
There’s no need to go anywhere else,
Their training is the best by far.

You can achieve success overnight,
If you just follow their simple steps,
Their community is so supportive,
And their tools are top notch.

So what are you waiting for?
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by,
Join wealthy affiliate today,
And see how quickly you can succeed.


A Busy Life

Wealthy affiliate,
What a life you must lead,
So much money to spend,
So many things to buy,
Never having to worry,
About where your money will come from,
Living the high life,
Always on the go,
Never a moment to rest,
Such a busy life you must live.

Looks easy

Wealthy affiliate,
you make it look easy,
but I know it’s not.
You’ve worked hard for every penny,
and you deserve your success.
You’re a role model to me,
inspiring me to keep pushing on,
even when the going gets tough.

The Sky’s the Limit

If you want to be wealthy,
affiliate marketing is the way to go.
With no up-front costs,
you can start making money right away.
The sky’s the limit,
so join up and get ready to earn.

Dreams of riches

Wealthy affiliate is a place
Where dreams of riches can come true
There’s no need to be poor
If you’re willing to work hard
You can become wealthy too
This company is the key
To making your dreams a reality
It’s a place where you can learn
What it takes to be successful

I recommend it!

Wealthy Affiliate is the best
There’s no doubt about it
They’ll help you make money online
Which is why I highly recommend it!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way
To make money while you sleep
With wealthy affiliate,
You’ll learn how to do it right
So you can make money online
And never have to worry again.

Just a game

Wealthy affiliate,
What more could you want?
Money is no object,
And life is just a game.
You can have it all,
If that’s what you desire.
No need to question,
Just take what you want.
The world is your oyster,
And there’s nothing you can’t have.

What makes you great?

Wealthy affiliate,
What makes you so great?
Sure, you have a lot of money,
But is that all you have to offer?

You can buy anything you want,
But is that really what life is about?
Is money all that matters in the end?

You can make more money,
But is that really what you want?
Is being wealthy really all that great?

Affiliate Marketing is the way to go!

If you’re looking for wealth,
then affiliate marketing is the way to go.
It’s a program that’s simple and easy to do,
and you can start making money right away.

You don’t need any experience or special skills,
and there’s no limit to how much money you can make.
Plus, there are plenty of helpful resources available
if you ever need help along the way.

So if you’re looking to get rich quick,
this is definitely not the program for you.
But if you’re willing to put in the work and dedication,
affiliate marketing can be a very rewarding experience.

To Wealthy Affiliate,

You provide the perfect way
For people to achieve their dreams.
You’ve given me the tools I need
To be successful and now I’m reaping the rewards.
Your program is the best there is,
And I’d recommend it to anyone.

Outranking Review (How To Rank Higher In Google, Bing And Yahoo with the help of this AI writer)

Outranking Review: How To Rank Higher In Google, Bing And Yahoo with the help of this AI writer

This article: “Outranking Review: How To Rank Higher In Google, Bing And Yahoo with the help of this AI writer” has been been written by the Outranking AI.

Any paragraph written in italics has been done by me. Most of the rest has been done by the AI.


How does the Outranking.io AI work?

The Outranking.io AI is designed to work with your existing content and help you to rank higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It does this by providing a 10X outline of your content which can be used to create high-quality, engaging content that is tailored just for your audience.

Outranking also offers a GPT-3 technology that helps you write 5X faster than normal. This allows you to save time on unnecessary research and focus on creating quality content that engages your readers. Additionally, the AI is compatible with Grammarly which can help to improve the overall quality of your writing.

Never stare at a blank canvas

Starting a content project can feel like staring at a blank canvas. You know you want to create something, but you don’t know where to start. The first step is always the hardest, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of ways to get started on your project, even if you don’t have any ideas yet. One popular method is to find a concept and gather information from any pertinent sources. This will help you create an awesome product for the web in a fraction of the time.

Another great way to get started is by using our State of the Art search engine. It can find relevant data and execute specific plans efficiently to create highly valuable, engaging content.

Once you have some ideas about what you want to write about, it’s time to start optimizing your content for SEO. This process can be tricky, but our AI assistant with SERP analysis can help copywriters create content outlines, paragraphs, and answer questions. With her help, you’ll be able to create killer content that Google loves!

Mapping keyword searches with SERP is the first step to SEO success – “Step 2: Optimize All-Important SEO Elements.” Follow these instructions and you’ll be on your way to higher rankings in no time.

Step by step instructions on how to optimize content for SEO are provided in the passage starting with “Optimize all-important SEO elements.”

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to write content, GPT-3 is the answer. This new tool takes less time and generates outlines 10 times faster than before. With GPT-3, you can create content for featured snippets such as People also ask, which are found on SERP pages without opening another website or tab.

GPT-3 also has compatibility with Google Docs and WordPress websites, making it the perfect tool for content creators of all kinds. So don’t stare at that blank canvas any longer – get started with GPT-3 today!

Who is Behind Outranking?


Outranking is a full-service SEO and online marketing company that helps businesses achieve their online marketing goals. We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed online.

Natalie Luneva is the Community Manager for Outranking. She joined the team because she believes in their mission and wants to help others learn about SEO. The platform uses Natural Language Processing to scan the top-ranked results in Google, and then creates topics from that data. They are also very active in the Facebook group where members ask questions, which Natalie Luneva answers for them. They are updating their product based on feedback from users to make it easier and faster for people to create high-quality content

How Does It Actually Work?


Search engines use a variety of methods to determine how well a website ranks. Some of these methods include evaluating the relevance of the content on a website, the authority of the website’s domain and page rank, and the number and quality of backlinks to the website.

When you first hear about a new tool or application, it can be hard to understand how it actually works. Outranking.io is no exception–many people are curious about how the algorithm determines which content is most impactful for SEO purposes.

The team at Outranking.io has put together a video that demonstrates how the tool works and how it can be used to improve web page content. The video makes use of graphics and animation to make the concept more understandable. It also outlines some of the features of Outranking.io, such as the outline generation feature and the URL optimization feature.

URL’s are used to optimize existing web pages by importing them into the editor and making changes to the content. This helps to increase traffic and improve ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


This article has actually been written by the AI with just a bit of tinkering from me.

This would normally just be my first draft but I want you to see what you get. So it is far from perfect but it makes a great first draft for you/an employee or a freelancer to work on!


Outranking Review

Who Needs Outranking.io?


Outranking.io is for anyone who wants to improve their website’s visibility and organic search traffic. whether you’re a small business or a larger corporation, Outranking.io can help you achieve your SEO goals.

Anyone looking for the best deals on products and services can use Outranking.io! Our AI algorithms analyze data on prices and discounts to group similar products together, so you can find the best deal possible. It’s free to sign up and use, so there’s no reason not to give us a try.


Are you a writer? Speed up the process by using Outranking to get your first draft.


Your web team will hit the ground quicker with Outranking to help them.

What Happy Customers Are Saying


Happy customers are saying that they appreciate the high quality of Outranking and how it has helped them improve their business. They also appreciate the excellent customer service provided.

Outranking.io Features

Outranking.io is a content optimization platform that offers a variety of features to users. These features include an easy-to-follow interface, content rewriting, content analysis, and backlink history for keywords analyzed by the user. Additionally, Outranking.io connects with topics relevant to the outcome of their analysis in order to create a topic model that can be shared or used for future projects.

High Quality & Engaging Content With Less time

At Outranking.io, we understand that you want the best content for your website, without having to spend hours creating it yourself. That’s why our platform is designed to help you find and rank high-quality content quickly and easily, without needing any design or coding experience. Plus, our engaging and interactive interface will keep your visitors coming back for more. So why wait? Sign up today and see the difference quality content can make for your website.

Links Knowledge Gap with Outranking

Outranking helps with research

Optimize Content for Higher Ranking

Outranking.io offers a suite of features to help you optimize your content for higher ranking on search engines. Our Rank Tracker lets you monitor your website’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs) over time, so you can see how your efforts are affecting your ranking and make necessary adjustments. With our On-Page Optimization tool, you can fine-tune your titles, meta descriptions and other elements that influence your ranking to ensure that your content is as effective as possible. And our Backlink Analysis tool helps you identify the backlinks that are most important to your success, so you can focus on building more of those valuable links.

Step by step instructions:

Outranking provides step by step instructions and many videos to help you.

Relevant Keywords Mapping

Outranking.io algorithm maps relevant keywords to your website pages. The engine analyzes your website and determines which keywords are most relevant to each page on your site. It then assigns a weight to each keyword, based on its importance to the page. Outranking.io also takes into account the competition for each keyword, so you can be sure that you’re targeting the right words and phrases.

Outranking.io is constantly updating its mapping of relevant keywords to your website pages as new competitors enter the market and as Google’s search engine algorithms change. So you can be confident that you’re always targeting the right words and phrases with your SEO efforts


There are regular webinars if you have questions to ask and you can get in touch directly with the company.

AI Outline Builder

You build the outline so you can tailor where you want the AI to go.

Highest Frequency Keywords

High ranking keywords are shown so you can use those effectively in your article.

AI Rewriting (GPT-3)

Actually, I think we’ve gone beyond – this maybe level 4.

Time Spent on Research

At Outranking.io, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why we’ve built a tool that saves you time and energy by taking care of the research for you.

io offers two main features: competitor analysis and keyword research. In competitor analysis, you can see how your site compares to others in terms of traffic, backlinks, social shares and more. You can also spy on your competitors’ AdWords campaigns to learn their strategies and steal their best keywords.

You can even export your results to a CSV file for further analysis.

io was created with the goal of helping business owners and marketers save time while still achieving great results. Try it today and see just how much easier life can be!

Outranking.io 4 Free tools

Outranking.io is a company that offers free tools to help you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. The tools are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. You can find good quality content ideas without needing multiple expensive tools, and the tool helps create better engaging content which is a key part of ranking well in search engines. Outranking also offers an AI assistant that can rewrite and rephrase content, eliminating writer’s block, so you’ll be able to create data-driven content based on SERP analysis.

Questions People Ask

Question: What is the best way to get my website ranked higher?

It’s an ongoing process that requires effort and a commitment to improving your site over time. You can use Outranking.io to help you track your progress and see where you need to make adjustments.

Topic Outline Builder

It has a simple interface that lets you create and save outlines, as well as add, edit, and delete topics and subtopics. You can also rearrange topics and subtopics by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.

When you have a topic in mind, it’s easy to start building an outline around it using this tool. The outline can act as a foundation for your writing, ensuring that all of your points are included in a logical order.

Content Optimization

When you know which keywords you should be targeting, you can make sure your content is optimized for those terms, which will help it rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

So…Why is This Business Ranking Above Me?


There are many reasons why a business might rank above you in the SERPs. It could be that they have better SEO, more backlinks, or higher domain authority. It could also be that they are bidding on more keywords or that they have a better user experience. There are many factors that go into determining a website’s rank.

There are a variety of reasons why a business may rank above you on the SW Score. The first and most important factor is product score. This considers the features of the product and how easy they are to use, as rated by customers. User satisfaction is also taken into account, as well as price range, interface, and company reputation.

The SW Score bases its ranking system on five parameters in order to provide a definitive ranking for products within a particular category. If you’re not happy with your current ranking, take a look at your product score and see where you can make improvements. You may also want to consider increasing your customer satisfaction ratings or lowering your prices.

The impact takes time

It’s not as simple as having a good idea and putting all your effort into making it happen. There are so many different pieces that have to come together and work in harmony if you want to achieve anything noteworthy.

You can’t rush the process or force things to happen before they’re ready. That’s when mistakes get made and progress stalls out. Patience is key, especially when it comes to business. You have to give yourself time to grow and learn from your mistakes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any successful company.

They have other online assets optimized

For example, their website may be faster and more user-friendly, their social media profiles may have more followers and their blog may be regularly updated with high-quality content. If your business does not have a strong online presence, it will be difficult to rank higher than your competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs).

By focusing on these marketing activities, you can improve your chances of ranking higher than your competitors in SERPs.

They have strong off-page SEO

While on-page SEO is certainly important, it’s not the only thing that matters. In order to really rank well in search engines, it’s also crucial to have strong off-page SEO. This means building up a strong web presence through things like social media and backlinking.

They have been around longer

One reason may be that the company has been in operation for longer than you have. Established businesses have a track record of success that new businesses may not be able to replicate. Additionally, customers may be more likely to trust an established company than a newcomer. Finally, the company may simply have more resources at its disposal, allowing it to operate at a larger scale and achieve greater results. If you can’t compete with these factors, your best bet may be to focus on improving your own business rather than trying to beat the competition head-on.

Their business name includes keywords

If your business doesn’t rank as high as you’d like in search engine results pages (SERPs), it might be because your name doesn’t include the keywords that potential customers are searching for.

Not only will this help people find you more easily, but it can also help improve brand awareness and recognition.

You can also include keywords in the URL to further boost your ranking.

Make sure the rest of your website content is equally relevant and keyword rich, so you can start climbing up the SERP rankings.

Their reviews include keywords

When customers include certain keywords in their review, it helps Google better understand what your business is about and can result in a higher ranking for your website.

And make sure they use relevant keywords so that you can start reaping the benefits!


The study looked at the performance of companies in the S&P 1500 over a period of five years and found that, on average, firms within 0.5 miles of one another had median returns that were six times greater than those of companies located more than 1.5 miles apart.

By identifying the most successful businesses in your area and positioning yourself near them, you can create a competitive edge for your company. And don’t forget: even if you’re not located near any high-performing businesses, there’s no reason to despair; simply focus on becoming one yourself!

Other Things to Consider if a Competitor is Outranking You

When a competitor manages to outrank you, it can be frustrating and disheartening. You may feel like you’ve tried everything and that there’s nothing else you can do. But before you give up, consider the following:

-Check to see if your site has any penalties that are causing it to rank lower than it should. -Make sure your site is up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices. -Evaluate your link profile and identify any low quality or spammy links. -Ensure that your site’s content is high quality and relevant to your target audience. -Expand your social media presence and promote your content on social media platforms. -Focus on building high quality links back to your site.

Is their listing attractive?

If it does, then they may be outranking you because of that alone. There are a few things you can do to make your listing more appealing, such as adding high-quality images and using relevant keywords in your title and description. You can also try optimizing your listing for mobile users.

Does their listing promote engagement?

In today’s world, it’s not enough to just have a website that looks good and provides the right information – you also need to make sure that people are interacting with your site. One way to do this is by using features like reviews, ratings, and social media buttons.

Take some time to look at their site and see what they’re doing differently – then try to emulate those tactics on your own page. You may not be able to beat them outright, but by following their lead you can at least narrow the gap between you two

Speed is everything

In order to be successful in today’s fast-paced world, you have to learn to move at a rapid pace. This is especially true if you’re competing against larger businesses – they may have more money and resources, but they’re also slower and less agile. In order to keep up, you need to focus on execution and prioritize based on what makes you the most revenue.

Businesses of every size have to worry about what pays the bills, but it can be particularly challenging for large companies to shift their focus when they’ve grown out of their original structure. It’s important to stay nimble and be willing to make changes in order to stay ahead of the competition. Don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy or red tape – move quickly and efficiently, and remember that speed is everything.

Scrappiness beats money

In any business, it’s important to be scrappy. This means being able to get the most out of what you have and making the most of your resources. In some cases, this may mean not having a lot of money to work with; in others, it may mean being resourceful and innovative.

No matter what your business is, there are always ways to be more scrappy and make the most of your situation. For example, if you’re a small company competing against larger ones, you may need to find ways to be more efficient and use every advantage you have. You can also try different marketing techniques that might be out of reach for bigger companies.

Being scrappy also means being creative and finding new ways to do things. If you’re in a competitive market, for example, you may need to come up with new ideas constantly in order to stay ahead. This can involve using different methods or strategies than your competitors, or even finding new markets to target.

The bottom line is that scrappiness beats money every time. With enough creativity and hard work, you can accomplish a lot without spending a lot (or any) money. So don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box!

Land and expand

The “land and expand” method is a way of increasing traffic to existing content. The key to this strategy is getting more search traffic from the original page.

In order for this to work, you need to identify pages on your site that are ranking in the top 10 for their target keyword. Once you’ve identified these pages, you’ll want to create additional content around them. This new content should be focused on your target keyword and should aim to rank in the top 10 for that keyword as well.

Optimize for revenue, not traffic

When it comes to SEO, the goal is typically to increase search traffic. However, this isn’t always the case. In some cases, you may want to focus on optimizing for revenue instead of traffic.

Why would you want to do this? Well, because search traffic can be worth a lot of money. For example, if you can generate an extra $1 million in annual revenue from your website, that’s worth a lot of money.

But here’s the kicker: you can only generate that revenue if you optimize your website for it. And how do you do that? By using tools like Google Analytics to track your goal conversions and see which pages are responsible for generating revenue.

Once you know which pages need more attention, you can take the extra money generated from those visits and reinvest it in your marketing initiatives. This will help improve your website’s position in the search engines and bring in even more traffic and revenue.

Optimize for clicks, not rankings

There are a lot of factors that go into ranking higher on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, optimizing for clicks instead of rankings could result in an increase in your ranking. This was proven by Rand Fishkin when he instructed his followers to click on the 4th result instead of the 1st. Within 70 minutes, the 4th result had jumped to the top spot!

Click-through-rates (CTRs) are important in determining rankings. If people are clicking on your listing more than your competitors, then you will rank higher. The title tag and meta description can be optimized to encourage clicks. This takes time and effort but is a surefire way to increase your ranking once you reach the top spot.

Update your old content

If your website’s ranking starts to tank, it’s a good indication that your content is no longer relevant. This doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch; you can simply update your old content to make it more current and climb back up the search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the best ways to keep your website relevant is by regularly updating your content. This could be as simple as changing a few words here and there, or adding new information that’s relevant to your audience. Not only will this help improve your website’s rankings, but it will also keep people coming back for more.

Another way to update your old content is by adding new visuals. This could include infographics, videos, or even slideshows. Not only are visuals more engaging than text-based content, but they’re also great for SEO purposes. As long as you make sure that all of your visuals are high quality and informative, you’ll be able to improve both your rankings and engagement levels simultaneously.

Don’t panic

When it comes to SEO, don’t panic! There are a lot of things to consider when trying to rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo, but with a little bit of effort you can get there. The Common Path to Uncommon Success: A Guide for Those Who Want to Find Success in Their Own Way is a great resource that can help you find your own path to success. The book covers topics such as SEO, business, personal growth, and more!

Never trust Amazon shipping estimates – they’re often wildly inaccurate. If you’re ordering something that’s important to you, it’s best not to rely on the estimate and instead factor in an extra day or two just in case.

Live Chat Software is an option that also allows you to chat with customers in real time and ask them questions as they come in. It’s cost ranges from $0 – $600/month depending on what features you need.

CRM software has a variety of different functions, but its main purpose is to help companies manage customer relationships. Marketing automation software is designed to help companies automate processes and increase velocity for marketing efforts. Email marketing software uses double opt-in because it helps prevent spam from reaching inboxes when the recipient doesn’t actively want or need email from you.

Encourage positive reviews

Positive reviews are essential for any business – they can help attract new customers, improve SEO, and boost overall sales. As such, it’s important to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

There are a few things you can do to make it easier for your customers to write positive reviews:

– Suggest that they leave the review on a third-party site rather than your own website. This will help ensure that the review appears in search engine results pages (SERPs), and it also makes it easier for potential customers to find.

– Ask your happy customers to submit their reviews directly to you. You can create a section of your website specifically devoted to customer comments and reviews. This is a great way to showcase how happy your customers are with your business!

– Make it easy for customers to leave ratings and feedback. Include star ratings on your website, or use tools like Google Maps or Facebook Reviews integrations so that people can easily post feedback about their experience with your company.

– Thank customers for writing positive reviews! A little appreciation goes a long way – let your reviewers know that their input is appreciated.

Promote the positive third-party reviews you’ve already got

If you’re like most businesses, you probably have some stellar reviews from happy customers on third-party websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Promote these reviews by asking your customers to post them, and by sharing them on social media and your website. You can even screencap the best ones to make sure everyone knows how great your business is!

It’s also a good idea to reach out to customers who are happy with your service and ask them to leave a review on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This will help boost your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Finally, make sure you consistently promote the positive feedback you already have. Dedicate a section of your website to customer feedback, or create a Google Post or answer questions from customers on social media. This way, potential customers will see that you’re an authority in your field – and they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

Use on-site optimisation

One of the most effective ways to increase your website’s visibility on search engines is through on-site optimisation. This process refers to the use of tactics such as keyword placement, H1 tags, and title tags that will help you rank higher for the phrases you are targeting.

It’s important to remember that reviews are analysed by our system to verify trustworthiness and the review’s recency. If a negative review shows up in search results, it can cause your brand to lose some of its value. Promote content with on-site optimisation tactics to improve ranking for the keyword phrases you are targeting. Ensure that the keywords you are targeting are in H1 tags, content and title tags on your website. On-site SEO optimisation is a process that can help increase visibility for your product – so make sure you take advantage of it!

Produce content for other websites

If you are looking for ways to produce content and get more traffic to your website, then producing content for other websites is a great option. When you produce content for other websites, you not only get more traffic to your own website, but you also help improve the SEO of the website that you are writing for. In addition, by producing high-quality content for other websites, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and increase your brand awareness.

When it comes to producing content for other websites, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, make sure that the website that you are writing for is reputable and has a good reputation. Second, make sure that the website is relevant to your target audience. And third, make sure that the website pays decent rates for guest posts.

If you can follow these tips when producing content for other websites, then you will be well on your way to increased traffic and better SEO results.

Maximise your social presence

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to build your brand and connect with potential customers. However, it’s important to make sure you’re using it in the right way. Here are some tips for maximizing your social media presence:

1. Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date.

2. Use high-quality images and videos.

3. Post interesting and engaging content regularly.

4. Connect with other businesses and individuals in your industry.

5. Use hashtags to reach a wider audience.

6. Respond to comments and messages promptly.

7. Monitor your analytics to track progress over time

8. Create some YouTube videos

Creating videos for your brand can be a great way to get attention from potential and current customers. Not only are videos quick and easy to make with most phones, but they also have the potential to rank high on Google search results pages. In fact, many YouTube videos show up in the top few pages of Google search results.

To increase your chances of ranking when customers search for your brand on Google, you should create a video with your brand name in the title and tags. Additionally, make sure to use keywords in your titles and descriptions that people are likely to use when searching for information about your product or service.

Video marketing is an excellent way to quickly capture people’s attention. In fact, most phones now offer simple video-making capabilities that make it easy for anyone to produce a high-quality video. And if you’re not already active on social media, you should claim profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram immediately. It’s not unusual for Google searches to return a brand’s social accounts in the top ten results if they are active. Make sure you advertise your brand by linking these social media profiles on your website and in your email marketing campaigns. You can also use services like Knowem to take over all the necessary social media profiles for you.


“be excellent.”

This is sage advice, and it is something that everyone should strive to do. No matter what you do in life, aim to be the best that you can be.

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Does YouTube Pay You? And other questions about earning from YouTube)

Does YouTube Pay You?

Many teachers make great YouTubers so you might be asking yourself does YouTube pay? Might this be a course of action that would pay for you?

The main issue is are you creating videos of children in which case you are not expecting to monetize them or are you creating videos for adults where it is reasonable to monetize them?

If you do want to earn money through YouTube then I suggest that you target an appropriate audience, for example, teachers, parents or the general public who might be interested in the topic you want to talk about.

Does YouTube Pay You?

What Can You Earn In Your Channel’s Early Days?


In the early days of your channel, you can expect to earn a fraction of a penny for every view. The amount you earn will gradually increase over time as your channel grows in popularity.

When you’re just starting out with your channel, it’s important to be creative and think of topics that viewers would want to see. This will help you generate traffic and begin making money through YouTube.

Although it is possible to sign up for an Adsense account and enable your channel for monetization, without genuine traffic from people who watch videos you will not make any real money. In order to start making significant earnings, you’ll need a substantial number of viewers watching your ads for at least 30 seconds.

Google Adsense provides CPM (cost per thousand views) instead of CPC (cost per click). This means that if an advertiser pays $10 per 1,000 ad impressions, you earn $0.01 for every impression on your video that the viewer watches for at least 30 seconds. If the viewer clicks on or watches the ad for long enough to earn income, then you share any revenue with YouTube 50/50.

Some videos review a popular product and link to an affiliate sales page where viewers can buy the product they just saw featured in the video. This method can be lucrative if done correctly; however, it takes time and effort to set up these types of videos correctly.

Moderately Successful Channels

Most people who make YouTube videos do not become rich and famous from them. In fact, most of them are only moderately successful. This is because it takes a lot of work to create good videos, and viewers only see the finished product, not the hours of editing and filming that went into it.

Even though they’re not as successful as some other channels, these moderately successful channels are still doing well enough to make a full-time income from their videos. They often need to work another job in order to support themselves while they’re making videos.

However, many of these channel owners have found that they are not able to generate a full-time income from their YouTube channels alone. This is partly because YouTube pays its creators very little money for their ads. Gretta Van Riel’s channel is in that no-man’s-land of brands perceiving them as too small for sponsorship and fans perceiving them as too big for monetary donations. She does not have a Patreon account, but she does have a donation page where her viewers can donate money directly to her.

Success Begins at 1,000,000

Reaching 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube is a major accomplishment. Once you have reached this level of success, you are considered an “Elite” creator and are in the top 2% of all YouTube channels.

This achievement puts you in a category with some of the most influential content creators on the platform. Your following is large enough to start making an income from your videos.

Google pays out 68% of their AdSense revenue – $68 for every $100 the advertiser pays. For every 1,000 views on average, advertisers pay about 0.18 cents per view or about 15%. The YouTube channel will receive $18 per 1,000 views.

The achievement of 1,000,000 subscribers opens up new opportunities for video creators including sponsorship opportunities, endorsements and product placements. Additionally, many YouTubers merchandise products to their fanbase.

How much do YouTubers make per view?

There is no set rate that YouTubers make per view. The amount of money that a YouTuber can make per view varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of ad that is being played, the country the viewer is in, and the YouTuber’s contract. Generally, however, the more views a video receives, the more money the YouTuber will make.

When it comes to making money on YouTube, the amount you can make per view is important to understand. AdSense offers a payment for each click an ad receives, so it’s helpful to know how much money you could be making from ads. The mean average is about $0.18 per view, but this varies based on a number of factors like the quality of your video and how many people click on the ad.

In addition to advertising revenue, YouTubers can also make money through sponsorships and other sources. However, advertising remains the primary source of income for most content creators on YouTube. Knowing how much you can make from each view is essential to growing your channel and increasing your earnings potential.

How much money do YouTubers make every 1,000 views?

There is no set answer, as it varies greatly depending on the YouTuber’s audience, niche, and engagement rates. However, it is generally estimated that a YouTuber can make around $2 per 1,000 views.

It’s no secret that making a living as a YouTuber is hard work. But just how much money can you make every 1,000 views?

On average, YouTube pays its content creators between $0.01 and $0.03 per view. This means that for every 1,000 views on your video, you can expect to earn between $3 and $5 in advertising revenue. Of course, this amount varies depending on a number of factors such as the niche in which you operate your channel and the number of subscribers you have.

But it’s not all bad news! There are ways for YouTubers to make more money from their videos. For example, if an advertiser is willing to pay more for an exclusive ad spot on your video, YouTube will pay you up to $0.32 per view. Additionally, when a creator’s audience is especially lucrative-meaning they tend to watch a lot of ads-they can earn up to $100 per 1,000 views on their channel.

It’s important to remember that earning money from YouTube isn’t easy; it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But with the right approach and enough luck, it is possible to make a good living from your videos.

How much money does a YouTuber make per subscriber?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it varies depending on a number of factors including the size of the channel, the type of content, and how many ads are being served on the channel. However, estimates suggest that YouTubers can make anywhere from $1 to $10 per subscriber per month.

It’s no secret that YouTube is a powerful platform with the potential to reach millions of people. What you may not know, however, is how much money a YouTuber can make from their channel. Contrary to what some people believe, it’s not based on the number of subscribers they have but rather the number of views their videos receive.

In order to get an idea of how much money a YouTuber makes per view, we first need to understand YouTube’s monetization model. Unlike other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, YouTube pays its content creators based on the number of views their videos receive. This means that a YouTuber doesn’t earn money from the number of subscribers they have but rather the number of views their videos receive.

Now that we know how YouTube pays its content creators, let’s take a look at how much money an average YouTuber makes. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question because it varies depending on the type of channel and what they’re making videos about. However, according to one source, the average pay rate for a YouTuber is around $0.22 per 1000 views. This means that for every 1000 views a video receives, the content creator earns about $0.22.

While this is a good estimate, it’s important to note that not all YouTubers make the same amount of money per view. Some YouTubers are making a lot of money while others aren’t as successful monetarily because they don’t create content for certain markets or topics. Another thing to keep in mind is that these numbers may vary depending on the country the video is being viewed in.

It’s impossible to know exactly how much a YouTuber makes per view, but by understanding YouTube’s monetization model and taking a look at some quantifiable metrics, we can get a better idea.

How much money can a YouTuber make per video?

It depends on a variety of factors, including the number of views a video receives, how engaged the viewers are, and how many ads are being served on the video. Generally speaking, a YouTuber can make anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per video.

The amount of money a YouTuber can make per video is dependent on the number of views and how many Google ads are displayed throughout their videos. In some cases, discrepancies may exist in estimates due to factors such as ad quality, click-through rate, etc. A study by eMarketer predicts that social video ad spending will increase 44% from 2019 to 2021. The money generated from YouTube is skyrocketing, and still going up in 2022.

People are creating videos for free because they’re passionate about it or want to be famous on YouTube. Although there are tips and tricks for creating a successful YouTube channel, it’s not easy to become a millionaire off of your videos alone. The best way for a YouTuber to make money is through big ad revenues, sponsorships and selling merchandise. It’s difficult for someone with only $1,000 in advertising revenue per month to earn at least $100,000 annually from YouTube videos alone

How many views do YouTubers need to get paid?


It varies depending on the YouTuber’s contract, but generally, YouTubers need around 1,000 views per day to start making a modest income from their videos.

In order to make money through the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have a certain number of views on your videos. To earn $100 in a month, you need at least 20,000 views and make $5 per 1,000 views.

To be accepted into the YouTube Partners Program, you must first meet two requirements: have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid watch hours in the past 12 months.

After being accepted into the program, there are two ways YouTubers can generate revenue: through cost per thousand view (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). For CPMs, advertisers will pay for every 1,000 views on your video content. If someone clicks on an advertiser’s ad copy that is placed on one of your videos while it’s playing- then they will be charged with CPCs.

AdSense–a Google company–will provide 68% when displaying ads in accordance with its terms and conditions.

What other ways do YouTubers make money?


In addition to making money through advertising, many YouTubers also make money through product endorsements, sponsorships, and donations.

There are a variety of ways that YouTubers can make money outside of just affiliate links. For example, many YouTubers earn money through sponsorships. This generally happens when a company approaches a YouTuber and asks them to promote a product or service in one of their videos. In exchange for the promotion, the company will often give the YouTuber free products or pay them a certain amount of money.

Another way that you can make money as a YouTuber is through advertising placements. This means that you can place banner ads or pre-roll ads on your videos and receive compensation from the advertiser each time someone clicks on the ad. Additionally, some YouTubers make money by having affiliate marketing relationships with other websites. When someone visits those websites by clicking on a link in one of your videos, you earn a commission from the sale.

YouTubers can also make money by selling tickets to their live events, selling merchandise related to their channel, or receiving commissions from others who host content on their channel using paywalls

Who are the top paid YouTubers?


According to Forbes, the top 10 paid YouTubers for 2018 are:

1. PewDiePie – $12 million

2. Jake Paul – $11.5 million

3. Logan Paul – $10.5 million

4. Ryan ToysReview – $10 million

5. Dude Perfect – $9.5 million

6. DanTDM – $9.5 million

7. Jeffree Star – $9 million

8. Markipl

Out of all the YouTubers in the world, who are the top earners? Surprisingly, a lot of young people make the list. The number one spot goes to Ryan ToysReview, who brings in an annual salary of $22 million. In second place is Jake Paul with $21.5 million, and PewDiePie comes in third with $15.5 million. A lot can change in a year, and it will be interesting to see if PewDiePie’s earnings drop any further after his recent controversies.

How to make money on YouTube


There are a few things you can do to make money on YouTube. You can partner with YouTube to run ads on your videos, use affiliate marketing to promote products, or sell your own products and services.

There are many ways to make money on YouTube, and the methods vary based on the content type and popularity of your channel. YouTubers are typically paid with a percentage of the advertising revenue they generate. In order to be successful, it is important to find your niche and develop your following.

Salaries for YouTubers can vary greatly depending on content type and viewership. As such, it is important for aspiring YouTubers to do their research before starting their channels. Five of the top ten YouTubers in 2018 were gamers, so that may be a good genre to consider if you’re looking to make money off of YouTube.

Another key strategy for making money off of YouTube is uploading videos regularly. This will help you attract more viewers, which in turn can lead to more ad revenue or subscriptions. Additionally, buying the right gear can help you produce better quality videos that will engage your audience and encourage them to stick around for longer periods of time.”

Although editing your own videos can be a lot of work, it’s definitely worth it if you want to make money on YouTube. Fortunately, there are many helpful tutorials available on YouTube that can teach you how to edit videos like a pro. In addition, there are many freelancers who offer video editing services, so you can outsource the task if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself.

What steps to take to make money on YouTube

Making money on YouTube is not as difficult as one might think. However, there are a few things that you need to do in order to make sure that you’re successful.

The first step is to make sure that your niche has a large following. If you don’t have a lot of people watching your videos, it will be difficult to make money off of them.

The second step is to build a strong following before you begin making money on YouTube. This means that you need to post content regularly and ensure that it is high quality. People won’t want to watch your videos if they are low quality or not interesting.

The third step is to choose a niche that can lead to opportunities for other revenue sources, such as merchandise and sponsorships. If you can find ways to make money outside of just YouTube, you will be more successful in the long run.

Finally, YouTubers typically post content regularly in order to keep their viewers engaged. If people lose interest in your channel, they will stop watching your videos and you will lose out on potential income.

In order for YouTubers to make money on YouTube, they need to buy the right gear, such as a camera, microphone, and lighting equipment. Additionally, they need to be skilled in video editing and have engaging content. If you don’t know how to edit videos, there are online tutorials and people who will do it for you.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

To start making money on YouTube, you need to join the YouTube Partner Program.

To join the program, you need to have a channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months.

Ad cards are small rectangular ads that appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your video, and overlay ads are transparent bars that run across the top or bottom of your video. You earn money every time someone clicks on an ad card or overlay ad.

Paid subscriptions allow viewers to pay a monthly fee to watch your videos without ads. You earn a percentage of the subscription fee for every subscriber who signs up for your channel.

To start making money on YouTube, join the Partner Program and add ad cards and overlays to your videos.

Other ways to earn Money on Youtube

Sell products or merchandise

Crowdfund your next creative project
Let your audience support your work through “fan funding”
License your content to the media

Work with brands as an influencer

Brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target audiences, and working with popular YouTubers can help them do just that.

One way is for the brand to simply pay the YouTuber to promote their product or service. Another way is for the brand to give the YouTuber free products or services in exchange for promoting them. And finally, the brand can also partner with the YouTuber to create original content that promotes the product or service.

Then reach out to those companies and let them know what type of partnership you would be interested in forming. Be sure to highlight how your audience size and engagement rate can benefit them.

Become an affiliate marketer with adverts like this one included in your YouTube video:


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Tips for selling on YouTube

Understand your audience on YouTube

After all, you want to make sure that you’re delivering content that they’ll find interesting and engaging. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

– Know your audience: Who are you targeting with your videos? What do they want to see?

– Tailor your content: Make sure that your videos are relevant and interesting to your target audience.

– Research popular topics: Keep an eye on what topics are trending, and create content around those topics.

– Be creative: Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different formats and styles.

Record a call to action in your videos

This is a message that tells your viewers what you want them to do next. Your CTA could be something as simple as “Subscribe to our channel” or “Share this video with your friends.”

Without a CTA, your viewers may not know what to do after watching your video.

Keep it short and sweet, and be sure to mention it more than once throughout your video. You may also want to include a graphic or text overlay that will remind viewers of what they need to do.

Add well-timed YouTube cards to your videos

Cards are a great way to promote your other content, such as another video, playlist, or channel. You can also use cards to drive traffic to your website or blog.

To add a card:

Open the video that you want to add a card to.

Click on the “i” button in the bottom-right corner of the player.

Select “Cards.”

Click on “+Add card.”

Choose the type of card that you want to add.

Enter the URL for the content that you want to promote.

Save your changes

And don’t forget to:

Add links in your video descriptions


Promote your offer on other platforms


And for more Advanced Training:

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Does Tutoring Count As A Business? (US version)

Does Tutoring Count As A Business?

What is a business?

A business is an organization or entity that provides goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses can be for-profit or not-for-profit, and they can be privately or publicly owned.

A business can be defined as an organization that is in the market to provide goods and/or services to customers. The purpose of a business is to make a profit, and this is typically accomplished by providing value to their customers. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different ways to start a business.

When starting a business, it’s important to consider the costs associated with getting your venture off the ground. Startup costs can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of business you decide to launch. It’s also important to have a clear idea of what your business offers and who your target market is.

Once you’ve got your business up and running, you’ll need to begin dealing with financial matters such as taxes and bookkeeping. You’ll also need to establish relationships with vendors and other businesses who can help support your venture. And don’t forget: businesses are reliant on their team members for success, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed!


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What are the types of businesses?

There are four general types of businesses:

– Service businesses: businesses that provide a service to their customers, such as a hair salon or a law firm.

– Retail businesses: businesses that sell products to their customers, such as a clothing store or a grocery store.

– Manufacturing businesses: businesses that make products, such as a factory that makes cars or a bakery that makes bread.

– Businesses that provide a combination of services and products, such as a hotel

There are many types of businesses, but some of the most common are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations.

The owner is responsible for all debts and liabilities of the business.

Each partner is responsible for the debts and liabilities of the partnership.

An LLC has the benefits of both a corporation and a partnership. Owners are not personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the LLC.

A corporation has the benefits of both a Sole Proprietorship and an LLC

How do you know if your activity is a business?

You know that your activity is a business when you are making a profit. You are also a business when your activity is organized and carried out in a way that allows you to make a profit. Finally, you are a business when you are carrying out an activity with the intention of making a profit.

There are a few key things to look for when trying to determine if your activity is a business. The first step is to consider how much money you’ll need in order to get started. You’ll likely need between $15,000 and $25,000 in order to pay for marketing expenses such as website design, SEO, and advertising.

Once you’ve launched, it’s important to be clear about what your business is “online tutoring.” This will help you avoid any legal issues with schools or other organizations with which you work. It’s also crucial that you have careful data retention policies in place so that you can maintain the data of your tutors and clients. Personal information–such as names, addresses, social security numbers or bank account information–should be stored securely.

You should also think about whether or not it’s legal to sell or give away the information you collect without considering all the ramifications. Direct marketing (e.g., via email drops) requires express consent from the individual prior to usage for marketing purposes, with some exceptions allowed under law. As a general rule, businesses should stay up-to-date on current regulations in order to avoid any legal issues down the road.

Finally, remember that reputational value is important to any business. The more professional a business appears, the more likely clients are to trust it and refer others. This can lead to increased revenue potential and opportunities for growth. Elle has substantial experience working with law tutors and students, as well as clients in the education and ed-tech sector. She offers practical advice on getting a business up and running while spending less time on administration.

Are there any benefits to registering your tutoring as a business?

There are many benefits to registering your tutoring as a business. For one, you gain limited liability protection which can protect your personal assets in the event that your business is sued or defaults on a debt. Additionally, LLCs offer tax benefits and options for home tutoring businesses if they are registered as one.

Limited liability protection is important for all businesses, even relatively “safe” ones like home tutoring businesses. A tutor must be very cautious when using their personal property and assets as they are liable for any mistakes, large accidents, and more.

An LLC is a pass-through entity like a sole proprietorship or partnership, meaning it does not have to pay tax on its profits. To maintain limited liability protection with an LLC, one must maintain the company’s corporate veil by keeping the business in good standing . The business owner is taxed on the net income.

S corps allow for LLCs to be treated as an employee of the company (for tax purposes). Sole proprietorships and partnerships are also taxed in a similar way to LLCs, but they do not offer limited liability protections or other benefits that a corporation provides.

If you can pay yourself a reasonable salary and at least $10,000 in distributions each year, you would save about $2,000 per year on taxes by using this status.

A home tutoring business owner would benefit from S corp status if they can pay themselves a reasonable salary and at least $10,000 in distributions each year.

Businesses gain consumer trust by forming an LLC. A growing business can also benefit from the credibility of an LLC when applying for loans, grants, and credit.

There are many benefits to registering your tutoring as a business. For one, there is no cost for the first year for one-on-one instruction if it’s not registered as a business before then. Additionally, businesses have greater credibility which can help them operate successfully.

How to register your tutoring as a business

There are a few things you need to do in order to register your tutoring as a business. You will need to register your business with the state, get a business license, and get liability insurance. You will also need to create a business plan and set up a payment system.

When starting a business, there are some initial steps you need to take in order to get your business registered and up and running. The first step is to decide what type of entity your business will be. This decision will determine how your business is taxed and also help with liability issues.

There are three types of entities you can choose from: a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. With a sole proprietorship, the owner is taxed as a sole proprietor or a corporation. Attaching “LLC” to your business name is helpful for professional appearance and liability purposes.

Next, you need to register your business with the state’s Secretary of State office. The business name must be available in the state of operation. The best way to check availability is to do an online search on the Secretary of State website for the specific state in which you reside (for example: California). If the name is not available, you may need to consider adding a descriptive word or phrase after your company name (for instance: John’s Tutoring LLC). The business name has to be filed as a DBA, or doing business as, name with the Secretary of State’s office according to state requirements when being operated as a sole proprietorship. You can usually find this information on the Secretary of State website.

In order to complete the registration process, you will need to provide some basic information about your company, such as the name and address of the owner, type of business, and contact information. You may also need to include state-specific words when registering for an LLC depending on where you are located (for instance: Delaware is the state of Delaware and not just a place). There is typically a filing fee associated with registering your business with the state. Once registered, you will receive documentation from the Secretary of State office that confirms your business entity status.

What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

First my disclaimer!! 

I am writing this article in an attempt to further my knowledge. I am not an expert. If you are making any financial decisions, find expects who you know you can trust. Educate yourself as much as possible. 

What is bitcoin and cryptocurrency??

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that has recently garnered a lot of attention from investors. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person or group of people who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

There are no physical bitcoins and you can’t hold it like cash or use it to buy things with the government tracking your transactions.

The value and interest in Bitcoin have grown tremendously over time as it becomes more common to use cryptocurrency for transactions.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses cryptography to keep it secure with no government control. As Bitcoin has evolved, the cryptocurrency can now be used for more than just money transfers and payments. It’s also possible to buy goods from retailers and services from businesses using Bitcoins as well as take advantage of other benefits like anonymity when sending funds through an exchange platform.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms and unlike government-issued currencies. It was the first decentralized digital currency, with its own blockchain, which makes it more reliable as well as transparent in terms of transactions.

Bitcoin is a decentralized open-source peer-to-peer electronic currency that can be sent from one person to another without the need for an intermediary financial institution.

Bitcoin was created as an alternative payment system and store of value with a capped supply of 21 million coins.

This digital cryptocurrency has been gaining traction over the years due to its potential uses such as international transactions and micropayments.

It has been growing rapidly since its release, but recently some people have started questioning whether bitcoin is actually money at all because of how quickly it fluctuates in value and how difficult (and expensive) it would be for governments to regulate Bitcoin if they wanted to.

Bitcoins don't actually exist!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that doesn’t rely on banks to verify transactions. It’s decentralized, which means it isn’t controlled by any single entity. This makes cryptocurrency easy to use and allows people to send money across the world instantly without having to go through expensive transaction fees or wait for funds transfer processing times.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency for which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently from any central bank.

Its decentralized nature makes it different from traditional currencies because no banks or governments can control its creation or circulation. Bitcoin was created in 2009 while other cryptocurrencies have been introduced since then such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash etc. Cryptocurrencies offer an alternative way to store money that offers increased anonymity over standard payment methods such as credit cards and bank transfers.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with a market cap of $155 billion, making it worth more than Amazon ($153 Billion) or Netflix ($87 Billion).

Whereas Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the term ‘cryptocurrency’ refers to any form of digital currency. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets and not exchanged as physical cash would be. The advantages of using cryptocurrencies include their convenience, anonymity (at least when used correctly), and security against fraud or theft

Cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency that uses cryptography to verify transactions.

The encryption system helps prevent the identity theft associated with online banking and e-commerce transactions because there are no identifying factors used by cryptocurrency networks when sending or receiving funds between parties.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is still the best known. It

The most commonly used types are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrencies exist for the sole purpose of exchanging goods or services with anyone anywhere in the world without having any intermediaries between them – such as banks or governments has been very successful because of its decentralized nature and low transaction fees.

Cryptocurrencies are often used for investing, trading or purchasing goods online anonymously with no geographical restrictions

Cryptocurrency Scams


There are many cryptocurrency scams out there so it’s important to do your research before investing in anything related to cryptocurrencies.

(Personally I am betting on creating websites which I do with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.  See my review here.)

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which miners use computers to solve complex functions, verify transactions, and record them into a blockchain.

Miners are rewarded for their efforts, which allows them to generate more cryptocurrency.


Mining Bitcoin


How Does One Mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that uses cryptography to maintain security. Mining bitcoin requires advanced math and record-keeping.

When people want to mine bitcoin, they can do so by using a specialized computer that does nothing but decode the math problems presented in blockchains.

Bitcoin mining is the process of using computing power to solve complex mathematical problems in order to verify and record bitcoin transactions. To mine, one must first obtain a Bitcoin wallet which can be obtained through an exchange or by downloading it directly from the website.

The process of mining bitcoin starts with a computer solving complex math problems. The first person to solve the problem is awarded 12.5 bitcoins and all the transactions in that block are added to the blockchain (which is a public record). Although this method allows for trust, it requires significant computational power which could be difficult or expensive at times.

In order to mine bitcoin, you need software and hardware. Software mines blocks while the hardware is used as a miner in order to process transactions on the network.

When a new hash is placed at the end of the blockchain, it means that somebody has discovered a block. This discovery takes place by solving complex mathematical equations.

In order to mine for bitcoin, the miner must have a specialized computer that is connected with other computers in the network. These computers are known as “mining rigs” and they use high-tech software created by Bitcoin developers which can be downloaded from websites like Github.

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger. The more computing power one uses, the greater chance they have of solving a block and earning bitcoins as a reward for doing so.

Value of a bitcoin

What Determines the Value of a Bitcoin

Bitcoin currently has a market capitalization of $106 billion. Bitcoin’s value is determined by the total number of Bitcoins in circulation and its demand relative to supply.

Are Bitcoins safe?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around since 2009 and it uses blockchain technology. It’s one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Bitcoin was created to be used as a form of currency, but it can also be used for other things such as trading stock or buying gold.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means that it uses cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. However, Bitcoin has faced scrutiny from law enforcement agencies after criminal activity was found involving bitcoins.

People argue that bitcoins are secure because the number of private keys that would have to be tested is more than there are atoms in the universe. Furthermore, high profile cases of bitcoin exchanges being hacked but funds were stored on behalf of customers not for a lack or security breaches by the Bitcoin network.

Using bitcoin for purchases does not require any personal information, making it one of the safest forms of online payments today. More importantly, Bitcoin network was never hacked in history – but a bitcoin website has been compromised by hackers

When creating bitcoins, miners use their computer’s hardware to solve very difficult mathematical problems. This process creates new bitcoins in exchange for the computational power it takes to complete these tasks, and this reward will be halved every 210 000 blocks (about four years). If an attacker could control more than half of all bitcoin nodes in existence, they would have access to unlimited computing power which could create consensus that they own all coins

While there is no central authority in the Bitcoin community, it does have a built-in recourse for errors with transactions. Each transaction has an irreversible time stamp, meaning that once the transaction has been sent to another user and confirmed through mining then there are no means of reversing this action.

One of the main concerns when it comes to Bitcoin is security. If you lose your password or accidentally send coins, there is nobody to turn to and get a refund from.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It is not as safe as government-issued currencies, since it can be difficult to convert bitcoins into other forms of money.

The answer is yes. In fact, many people are investing in cryptocurrencies due to their growing popularity and the increasing need for privacy.

Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency, which means it has been around for a while. The risks of being involved with Bitcoin are that quantum computing could break its security system in only a few years.

Buying bitcoin

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrency?

With difficulty! At least to be sure that you are not dealing with a scammer.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that you can buy and sell. It uses cryptography to secure transactions, making it difficult for others to tamper with.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate its creation and transfer, making it essentially impossible for someone else to counterfeit. The cryptocurrency market fluctuates constantly, but cryptocurrencies have been around since the 1980s when they were first used on computers as an alternative way of paying online services.

However, many people find it difficult to buy cryptocurrency because of the complicated process and lack of understanding about how cryptocurrencies work.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate its creation and transfer, making it essentially impossible for someone else to counterfeit. The cryptocurrency market fluctuates constantly, but cryptocurrencies have been around since the 1980s when they were first used on computers as an alternative way of paying online services.

There are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies in the world today and each one is worth a different amount. The total market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies exceeded $500 billion at their peak earlier this year.

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that operates outside the traditional banking system. It’s basically virtual money you can use in order to transact with other people on different websites or apps for goods and services, instead of using cash or credit cards. In this article, we’ll discuss how to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin from an exchange (like Coinbase) as well as what it takes to protect yourself while buying crypto online.

You can buy cryptocurrency through these other exchanges:

One of the most common methods to buy cryptocurrency is through an exchange. There are many different exchanges that have varying fees, verification requirements, and policies.

What are the pros and cons of virtual currency?

The pros and cons of virtual currency are determined by each country. Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Virtual currency like Bitcoin is decentralized and unregulated. There are pros and cons to virtual currencies such as the United States not having any regulation on them, but China has banned these currencies.

Virtual currencies have been associated with fraudsters who take advantage of them to scam investors.

Virtual currency is a digital medium of exchange. On the one hand, it’s fast and convenient because it can be transferred digitally. However, virtual currencies also have security risks that need to be considered before you invest in them since they’re not regulated by any central bank or government authority.

The following brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges offer cryptos: Binance, BitFinex, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken

Despite the emergence of virtual currencies in the past decade, there are still a number of disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that volatility makes it difficult for traders to make profits on their transactions and withdrawals.

Is bitcoin the safest cryptocurrency?

Is bitcoin the safest cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, which uses blockchain technology. Blockchain is the decentralized ledger that records all transactions and other important data on Bitcoin’s network. It keeps everyone on the same page, preventing fraud or manipulation of transactions by third parties. Cryptocurrencies are often built using blockchain technology because it creates an open and transparent system for trading values online in a secure way.

The transaction requires the 2-factor authentication process of username, password, and an authentication code sent via text to a personal cell phone. It’s been said that Bitcoin is “the safest cryptocurrency.”

The best advice for investing in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is simply to do your homework before you make any decisions about whether or not it would be worth getting involved in this market.

Bitcoin transactions are recorded on something called blockchain which makes it difficult for hackers to tamper with them because they have no centralized location where they can be accessed.

Although there have been several high-dollar cryptocurrency hacks this year and bitcoin’s market cap dropping by 40%, it remains as one of the safest investments out there.

The Bitcoin supply cap has been reached, making it impossible for more bitcoins to be created. As such, there is no way to increase the money supply without increasing demand or decreasing transaction costs.

Bitcoin has a much higher market capitalization than other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units and verify their transfer. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, who designed it as an alternative currency that could be transferred electronically without going through banks or clearing houses.

The cryptocurrency has seen wild swings since its inception, with some people valuing bitcoin for what many believe will become mainstream acceptance as payment for goods and services online, while others see potential risk of centralization from regulation (e.g. in terms of increased government scrutiny or regulation).

The downside of any cryptocurrency is that it can be risky because there are many unregulated investment opportunities out there.


As far as I can see, if you really know what you are doing. then Bitcoin could be worth exploring. If you don’t know what you are doing, you should steer clear.

The downside of any cryptocurrency is that it can be risky because there are many unregulated investment opportunities out there.

How To Make Money On Facebook

How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites available. It has 2.5 billion active monthly users worldwide and 223 million in the U.S., making it second only to Google in terms of its popularity. No wonder people are finding different ways how to make money on Facebook.

There are countless ways to make an extra buck on Facebook! One of them is to post links for which you get paid if someone makes a purchase after clicking on the link. These are called affiliate links. I have some in this article. They are useful in that the purchaser doesn’t pay any extra money but the affiliate gets paid a small percentage.

Facebook is a platform that has been around for quite some time. It’s also an excellent option if you’re looking to make money with your social media account, as it allows members from all over the world to connect and share information in real-time.

When starting out on Facebook or any other online business, find one that can work best for you by doing research into what type of service would appeal most to your market segment. One thing worth noting about this site is how lucrative it can be for people who are just logging onto it to be social, as opposed to looking specifically for ways that they can make money.

Also, Facebook is a platform that does not require any investment or specific time commitment in order to get started.

How To Make Money On Facebook

Are You a Business, an Influencer, or Just an Ordinary Person?

One of the reasons why Facebook is a social network is because it gives posts from personal accounts a higher weighting than posts from business’s pages. This means you’ll actually see your friends and families posts rather than just business posts.

However, when you only have a small number of Facebook friends, your reach will be limited.

Those people who grow a very large following are called influencers. Influencers are people who can spread their message to more people and thus they may get more traction in terms of traffic and engagement on their content.

When someone has many followers or friends on Facebook, they are considered an influencer.

Even if you’re only a so-called ordinary person, there are many ways to interact with people on Facebook and therefore you can have connections with far more people than just the people who follow your profile. These people can become your customers in whatever way you want to serve them, whether with goods or services.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant On Facebook

If you love to spend time on social media, then you can work as a virtual assistant.

You’re probably used to interacting with people online, maybe finding things out and helping other people. You’re probably fairly good with computers or maybe very good.

People want virtual assistants for all sorts of reasons these days. Soor maybe sometimes it’s for simple personal jobs like sending birthday cards or flowers, making phone calls to check up on people, querying a gas bill as they haven’t got the time to be phoning customer services and waiting for a call back. Another time, it’s more professional perhaps data entry or spreadsheet analysis.

First of all, you will want to know whether you actually want to be a virtual assistant. The best way to do this is to join some of the virtual assistant groups that there are on Facebook. You will meet other people who are already virtual assistants, find out why they decided to take that route, what sort of jobs they do for people and generally what the pros and cons of the job are. Then if you decide to apply why you will also be able to find out information about how to avoid any pitfalls by marketing yourself appropriately.

Obviously, there are many types of virtual assistants and you will want to ensure that you are doing work that you enjoy.

Sometimes employers whether they are individuals or businesses will have a look on some of the virtual assistants’ pages for people who might suit them, so it is a good idea to interact and be very honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Facebook is the first thing that many people go to from their homepage, so it is an easy way for companies and individuals to find someone who will help them with their tasks.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant

How To Sell On Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is an easy way to sell items on Facebook. It’s free to list your item for sale, and there are no fees charged when selling to other people in the area.

Because it is local transactions only, there are no shipping fees involved. The amount you make on the site depends on what you’re selling, photo quality, and if you can find a good local buyer.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell your items to people you know. This could be people you know really well or it could be friends of friends who have become Facebook friends or work contacts that you just see occasionally. It’s super convenient for friends and family to see your items, but be careful with personal information, like address or email.

If you want to make larger amounts of money on Facebook, it’s important that you re-think your approach to work. You need a strategy in place and one way of earning is by buying or selling stuff.

However, if someone buys something from another person with the intention of reselling it for profit, they’re violating Facebook’s terms of service which excludes “reselling” items without permission. So be careful – don’t buy items on Facebook and then sell them on Facebook! Check the small print, as this changes over time.

Use Facebook to do market research and surveys. This will help you get a better understanding of what people like or want before creating products for them. You will also be by building up your contacts.

If you’re just starting out, your best bet would be selling stuff that already has some form of demand because there’s an established audience waiting on new items in their inboxes right now!

Many people use Facebook for their affiliate marketing. Here is a free book with a few suggestions:

You may need to copy and paste this into your browser as it’s a PDF and Adobe Acrobat needs to open it.

How to Make Money on Facebook Live?

Facebook Live allows users to broadcast their live videos with an audience, and it’s becoming more and more common for companies to use this platform as a way to advertise or create content.

As on the rest of Facebook, you can make money by creating your own products, selling items, hosting giveaways, promoting affiliate programs, doing product reviews, etc.

How To Make Money With Facebook Pages?

Facebook pages can be set up by individuals but are often set up by businesses or causes and then followed by people who are interested in these businesses or causes.

Building a successful Facebook page is the first step to making money on it. You can make sponsored posts with these pages in exchange for cash. Know what your audience loves to read about and start from a niche and build slowly.

Successful Facebook pages can earn money through several different methods, including selling products on the page, selling ad space for major brands, and offering courses for people who want to learn more.

Successful Facebook pages

According to you how sociable the most popular Facebook page is actually run by Facebook!


For some reason, perhaps because of its share a Coke campaign, I was expecting it to be Coca-Cola which came in at about number 8.

Coca-Cola posts videos, memes, and photos to spread its message.

Successful Facebook Pages

What Is Facebook For Marketers? Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is a platform for advertisers to advertise.

The most interesting way is through the Facebook Audience Network, which allows advertisers and publishers to sell their products or services across multiple platforms.

Another popular way to make money on Facebook is through ads posted by Pages.

Some businesses run courses on how to run successful advertisements. These courses are offered to anyone, even if they don’t have any experience with marketing or advertising, and come in various price ranges.

Small business owners will be able to pick up the basics of Facebook advertising through these classes, then begin running many different ad campaigns for their small businesses.

Small business owners who don’t understand how the ecosystem works and need experts to run campaigns for them can take advantage of these courses. These courses are available to anyone, so it’s not just for marketers with a specific skill set or experience level.

Individuals can take these courses and then offer their services. Salary ranges from $50,000-80,000 depending on skillset and location.

However, this comes with a warning although you can make a lot of money through Facebook ads you can also lose a lot of money. You must start small and only grow your campaigns if they are being successful at a small level. Don’t imagine that you can just throw more money at it and it will suddenly become successful. Those people who are successful will have done a lot of split testing using smaller amounts of money that they can afford to lose, and at the beginning, they’re very likely to be a lot more losses than gains.

Be Careful!

How To Become A Social Media Assistant On Facebook

Facebook Digital Marketing is a real deal in this 21st century. Facebook advertising might drive website clicks or increase likes on your business’s Facebook page. There are many other tasks that can be done on Facebook without much experience such as posting content, managing pages and groups, and creating ads.

You can attend any number of good courses to learn how to become a digital marketeer on Facebook.

Take a test to see which social media jobs might suit you

Training in digital marketing will teach you the skills necessary for success in the jobs market, including social media management and advertising.

Or you can freelance, and sell your services through websites like Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour.

How To Become A Social Media Assistant On Facebook

Make Money On Facebook With Affiliate Marketing

Here is a free book, Make Money Messing Around On Facebook with a few suggestions for making money using affiliate marketing on Facebook:

There are also links in the book to this free quiz where there is a 1-minute quiz you can take to learn what type of social media job you are most suitable for.

However, if you are interested in Affiliate Marketing and doing it properly I would suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate and following their training, which is the route I have gone down. Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Making Money On Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are also a great way to generate extra income through affiliate marketing.

There are many Facebook groups on different topics, so finding the right one is not difficult.

You can also find these groups by searching keywords related to what you sell. Once you’re in the group, share your content with people who will be interested in it and earn commissions after they buy products that you’ve recommended for them.

You can create your own group and engage people in it. Furthermore, you can pin your own messages (announcements) at the top of the page.

One of the groups I have set up is Teachers UK – https://www.facebook.com/groups/437450372943091 .

If you have genuinely useful products or services for teachers you can put them there. The membership is about 5,000 at the moment. It took a while to get to 200 but now just grows all the time!

Please leave comments or ask questions below:

Hope you found this article interesting and useful if you have any comments, suggestions or questions please leave them in the comments area below and I will do my best to answer them.


Why is money important in everyday life?


In today’s world, money is a way to achieve freedom. In order to live a life of freedom, you need the means to get there.

Money is important
Money is important


Reasons why Money is Important for You, Individually

1) Suicide prevention/money worries

I have read that suicide is correlated to low and middle-income countries because of the high unemployment rates, lack of social services, and lower quality public health.

Money is the cause for this correlation because it causes distress in people that leads them to commit suicide.

However, there are many countries with a low GPD that have a high happiness rating.

We also know many wealthy and successful people who committed suicide.

It is undoubtedly true that many people who are unable to afford to do things they want to or need to do are very worried about their finances

2) Freedom

Money is an important aspect of feeling free in life. Money can help you to buy things that are considered necessities and it allows you to do the things that you want to do.

The feeling of freedom is priceless, so money can also buy freedom for people who don’t want to work at their job or would rather do something else.

The worst thing an employer can do to most people is fire them, and many people feel threatened by that prospect.

Even if they go to another job, they’re in the same position.

Money is important to everyone because it allows you to make your own decisions and live life according to what you want. Money gives you the freedom to do whatever you want without someone watching over your shoulder or telling you what’s right for them.

3) Generosity

Once you’ve got enough money for everything that you want or need then you also have money to spare are to be generous to other people whether it’s friends and family you know or whether it’s people you barely know or people that live many miles away that you give to through charitable causes.

Generosity is important for many people; they donate canned goods, clothes or anything else that could help someone else in need. Generosity helps to make you happier in yourself. We seem to be hardwired to help others once we are in a position to do so, and many people are even sacrificial in giving when they find it difficult to do so.

4) It’s more expensive to be poor

There are many ways in which things cost more when you’re poor, whether it’s simply being able to buy things in bulk or whether it’s about having to pay extortionate interest rates on items you can’t afford to buy outright yourself.

Money is neither good nor bad; it’s just there to help us live our lives and pay the bills.

It’s soul-destroying if you look at your paycheck and realise that you still can’t afford to pay for the things that you want or need without using a credit card and having to pay extra.

Money is important because it allows people to have an easier life.

The poor are said to seek opportunities while the opportunities are said to seek the rich. A lot of people want to hang out with people with a lot of money, making things much easier for them to spot opportunities.

5) You get to be authentic

Money gives you the ability to be your authentic self. You can make choices but you also can’t use money as an excuse for not trying things out and stretching yourself.

Money can give you more options than you ever thought possible.


Reasons Money is Important for Society as a Whole

Money is important for society at large because it allows us to buy and sell goods and services. Without money, we would be forced to trade favours or rely on mutual understanding in order to get what we need. This system may have worked well in primitive societies but it doesn’t work well now.

As a society, money is important because it can be used to incentivise the production of goods and services. It also allows for increased specialisation in jobs and enables trade between people. Finally, all of those experts have to pay each other so they can do their work!!

Why money is important in business?

Money is important in business because it allows for increased specialization in jobs and trade.

Having money as the primary legal tender allows for increased specialization in opportunities and trade. The majority of money is traded among people and businesses through transactions, which then lead to further buying goods and services with the traded money. In any transaction, each person is looking for a profitable angle or something they want.

All businesses are looking to make a profit and most of them use websites these days to drive customers to them.

A well-thought-out content marketing strategy can help a company become a thought leader among their target audiences. Content marketing is less costly as opposed to traditional forms of marketing.

You may want to consider Wealthy Affiliate membership (aka Wealthy Affiliate University) for your content marketers – see review here to see what is included.


Money is important in business
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Why is spending money on education important?

A better education can make the difference between a lower-income lifestyle and a higher-income one. Better wages are reflected in better credit scores, which lead to mortgages, car loans, and other financial perks that can improve your quality of life. Education also helps develop skills that allow people to compete for jobs that pay more than £50,000 per year. A graduate degree can open up opportunities for careers with higher than average incomes.

Education is important
Education is important


Why Is Money Management Important?

Many people are unaware of the importance of money management until they are faced with a financial crisis. Managing one’s finances is not only important for someone who has too much debt, but also for those who are striving to retire early or to save for their children’s education. It is important to monitor how much you are currently spending, as well as where your money is going.

Why is it important to earn your own money?

In today’s world, earning your own money is important for many reasons. This is because earning your own money teaches you responsibility and how to budget it. Furthermore, it helps you develop a sense of self-esteem and independence. In addition, earning your own money can teach you valuable skills such as how to work hard and save up for what you want. Apart from that, it can also help you explore what interests you outside of school.

Teenagers and young adults should earn their own money. It is important for personal independence, self-respect, and healthy finances. Earning your own money can be a valuable skill that sets you up for the future. Learning how to balance a budget and manage your money can help you save for big purchases or emergencies. You will also learn valuable life skills such as taking initiative, showing initiative, and completing tasks independently.


Why is it difficult for some people to earn good money?

In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure to make money. Many people feel the need to always be working. However, some people cannot afford to work full-time because they have other duties or obligations that make it difficult for them to work a regular 8-5 job. These people may need more time or resources to complete their tasks properly.

 What attracts some people to passive income?

Some people believe that it is important to earn money passively. Why? Well, first of all, it is not necessary to work for a specific number of hours per day. For example, if you are an entrepreneur with your own company, this may be difficult because you will have responsibilities that need to be taken care of during the day. However, if you are someone who has retired or is working part-time then this will be much more feasible.

For many people, the idea of a passive income can seem unattainable. Consider this: with a passive income you will have no need to work day in and day out just to keep your head above water. In order to earn a passive income, it is important to find a way that will allow for little to no work on your part. Although this is the ultimate goal with most types of passive income you need to choose to do a lot of work at the beginning in order to be by owning a passive income long-term. One example of this might be writing a book, or in reality, writing many books with the goal that your income is increasing over time.

With that being said, earning a passive income can be as simple as investing in real estate or stocks. Of course, you need to have some money to do that.

One way to earn passive income is to create and share materials online.

As you probably guess my preferred option is creating websites, of which this is one.

This can work particularly well for people, like teachers, who are in a position of creating their own materials which they can then share online; or for people who have some spare time and can do this alongside their job or are retired or semi-retired and have got time to write their own materials.


How does ClickBank work?

How does Clickbank work? ClickBank is a free to join online marketplace for digital products, including digital information products and physical goods. There are more than 180,000 items for sale on ClickBank, with the top categories being software, gadgets and business services.

ClickBank was created as a place to find digital solutions for small businesses. Since then ClickBank has grown into the world’s largest marketplace for digital products.

ClickBank is a good option for anyone who is looking to make money on the internet as long as you know what you are doing. There is also the potential to spend a lot of money and end up with nothing. Be careful!!

Internet marketing with ClickBank

How does ClickBank work?

Many people have heard of ClickBank but do not know how to use it. ClickBank is a site that offers digital products for sale by the owners and a network for affiliates to earn commissions by recommending those products to other users. For example, if someone registers with ClickBank and chooses to purchase an ebook on the subject of gardening, then the affiliate who recommended that particular ebook might earn 7% of the cost of that product. They might earn 75% of the cost of another product.

If you are someone who is looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side, or long-term as a full-time business, ClickBank could be just what you are looking for. Created by e-commerce giant Jeff Cohen in 1998, ClickBank is an online marketplace that connects merchants and affiliates.


ClickBank is legal

Is ClickBank legal?

Yes. ClickBank is a popular affiliate marketing program that pays its affiliates a commission for the sales they generate. This question has been debated in many forums, including the FTC. It’s important to note that ClickBank does not offer any products or services, and their affiliate program is structured around pay-per-sale with different commission rates per sale.

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate programs on the internet.

How to get started


Join ClickBank here

This link and some others on this page are affiliate links. If you click on any of these links, I will get a percentage of what you pay. The terms and conditions for me might be different for each product, but you don’t get charged any extra. It is worthwhile for the seller because these are digital products. The cost for creating digital products are all upfront. It may seem a lot to give away 75%, as some people do, but if people like me or you promote these items and the vendor ends up selling an extra 1,000 or even a million, over time, of their product, then it is very worthwhile for them to reward its affiliates well.

The best way to make money with ClickBank is by using the “Clicks to Cash” program which provides you will a free report on how to earn money from ClickBank. There are products across every category imaginable, from eBooks and music downloads to software and templates all ready for you to promote. (And you can promote ClickBank itself. The money you earn from this will depend on who you attract and what sales that person makes.)

Basically, for each product, you are given a personal link to share and then earn money from anyone who purchases after clicking on that link.

For more detailed training I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. For my Wealthy Affiliate review click here. There are different levels for beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers.

Large payouts from ClickBank are possible

Large referral payouts on some ClickBank products

ClickBank offers some of the largest referral payouts in the business for its products and digital downloads. They have programs where you can make money by selling other people’s products, such as the “Hype” program, which allows you to receive up to 75% commission for each sale that you generate.

The highest paying product (average $ per lifetime purchase) is The Rich Dad Summit. BTW, if you are interested you can get 2 days training for $1! You then pay more for any extras you want.

The commissions come from people who choose to pay for these extras.

ClickBank Digital Products

Sell your own products

ClickBank can also be used to sell your own products if you have them. You can use their “Sell Your Own Product” application to list your items on their site.

You could start off quite simply by creating a booklet of useful information to sell. It is not too difficult to add video and audio resources to this.

There are straightforward instructions on ClickBank to tell you how to upload your product.


Top 3 ClickBank products.

These products are hot items that have some of the best reviews and ratings on ClickBank. They may not be the best ranked when you look as I believe that the rankings are automatically updated.

1) Ted’s Woodworking

This has been the number one ranked ClickBank product for years.

You can earn Up To $125 Per Sale – With 11% Conversions!

Tedswoodworking is a website geared toward those who are looking for a well-crafted workbench or piece of furniture. The site offers an abundance of resources to help beginners with their projects and give them options for supplies, plans, and more. Once you’ve found the project that you would like to tackle, Tedswoodworking has the how-to articles necessary to walk you through the process from start to finish.

Review of the product I came across:

After taking a carpentry class, I decided to try my hand at woodworking. I went online and found Tedswoodworking, a website devoted to sharing the secrets of woodworking. It was really helpful for me to see all the different types of tools that were available so that I could explore what would work best for me. The site has videos that show how you can use some of those tools as well as great tutorials on how to make specific projects.

2) The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic claims that it is safe and effective and that it only contains all-natural ingredients that are free of allergens, so it’s fine for people with food sensitivities or allergies.

It wouldn’t be something I would choose to try without getting medical advice

3) Biofit

This company claims that 27,293 people have lost 20 pounds or more by eating food they enjoy.

There are a lot of weight-loss/fitness products that are highly ranked, however, some of the other categories are of more interest to me.

If you are interested in this category there are 311 pages of products to choose from.

Food category on ClickBank

Categories in ClickBank

In each of the categories you will find cover a wide variety of products –

Arts & Entertainment

As Seen On TV

Betting Systems

Business / Investing


Cooking. Food & Wine

E-business & E-marketing


Employment & Jobs



Green Products

Health & Fitness

Home & Garden



Parenting & Families

Politics/Current Events



Software & Services

Spirituality/New Age & Alternative Beliefs



It probably won’t surprise you to know that 2 of my favourite categories are E-business/E-marketing and Education

Social Media

Some examples of E-business/E-marketing products

These sound very enticing and I know I could easily spend a fortune if I wasn’t careful.

Here are some I haven’t bought!!

I think you need to choose something you are confident and stick with it. – Wealthy Affiliate in my case.

1) Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And YouTube


2) Perpetual Income 365 – Brand New 3.0 Version This 2021!


3) The 12 Minute Affiliate System – Hot Offer!


4) Millionaire Society – Already Paid $7,042,774.72 To Affiliates!


5) Super Affiliate System – John Crestani’s Autowebinar Funnel


Education category on ClickBank


Educational Products

Now these I would recommend

1) GCSE Maths In Four Weeks


2) Fun Workbooks For Preschool And Kindergarten Kids


3) The Spelling Bee Toolbox Tm

For US Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8


4) Kids Music Made Easy – Teaching Resources


If you are or were a teacher it would be worth considering whether you could create your own products. You will have plenty of expertise.

In summary

So, if you have an audience, join ClickBank here, choose appropriate products in the area called “Marketplace” which is broken down into the categories I mentioned earlier, and use your referral link to promote them. If you are interested in this but need support see Wealthy Affiliate.

Alternatively, create your own digital product and upload it to ClickBank for affiliates to find and market for you.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. And if you create your own product on ClickBank feel free to mention that in the comments and I will add it to my Pinterest boards.


What to Create an Online Business In?

What to Create an Online Business in?

So, you want to create an online business. But the question you have is – What to Create an Online Business in? Perhaps you enjoy working online and love the idea of staying at home and working on your computer and earning money from what you do. Better still you can choose whatever topic you want to write about?

However, you wonder to yourself,

  • Should you choose the topic you’re really interested in or concentrate on what other people are looking for?
  • Should you choose a topic that’s hot or should you choose something evergreen?
  • What’s the best website platform to use?
  • Who are the best trainers?
  • How can you avoid scams?

My answer has been to join Wealthy Affiliate and to learn as I build my affiliate marketing business.  This works particularly well for me, as my websites also support my tutoring business.  Wealthy Affiliate is sometimes referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University and I think that is particularly appropriate. There are hundreds if not thousands of hours of training available, an amazing community and many other benefits. It is far cheaper than going to university but for me, I think it offers many of the benefits. Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you’re not already familiar with it.

How to Create an Online Business

Here is a great video by Dylan Rieger

Here he shows you some of the success stories in Wealthy Affiliate and also gives a really good overview of Wealthy Affiliate.

Dylan Rieger explains how he was able to create an online business so successfully  – within a year!

First of all, let’s be clear Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme so so it is important not to think that you’re going to make money instantaneously. It’s about putting in some hard work at the beginning so that long term you can benefit from some passive income. Unlike a job where you get paid for what you do at the end of the month, with any article that you write you might not be getting any money for it for a few months but then you might get paid a small amount for many years if you keep your website. Some people may choose to sell their website so that they can get a quicker return.

In this article, Dylan talks about how he made it to Vegas in the first year. Basically, this means that he was very successful in attracting people to his website and many of those not only bought from his website but also chose to join Wealthy Affiliate themselves. Any year that 300 people or more join Wealthy Affiliate through your website or other links, you win an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas to meet with the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and the other ear people who have won the trip. Those who get to go say they gain an immense amount from it but also the rest of us benefit from the wealth of their wisdom as training etc is added to the wealthy affiliate platform from their experience.

You can read his full article here

You will need to join (for free) to read the article – but it will be worth it! Even if you only read this one article!

Create an online business and go to Las Vegas
Create an online business and go to Las Vegas

He tells you about the niche (area of interest) he works in and his method to find suitable products to review.  He shows you a few things that don’t work and explains why they don’t eg copying other people’s keywords, reviews of older products, etc.

Dylan’s New Strategy – In Just 6 months Dylan went from $0 to $3000+

Now although Dylan has already had some very successful strategies after going to Vegas he decided to try and promote a product in a new niche. It paid off handsomely.

Once again he was using reviews to help grown numbers visiting his website but here he does something very interesting to make sure his targeting new products.

Basically, it is to do with looking at adverts and then reviewing them but there is a little bit more to it and he goes into this in greater detail in this article.


Get the basics in place first.

Now, I’m sure Dylan would agree that all of what he does works partly because he’s got the basics in place first.

So to make sure that can happen for you, there are two courses to choose from when you join Wealthy Affiliate. When you join for free, you can do the first 10 lessons from either of these courses. By then you should know if you want to upgrade and get access to all the premium material. I upgraded two days later as I was hungry for the rest of the material and have never regretted it.

So to answer some of the initial questions regarding how to create an online business:

  • Choose something that you have an interest in and maybe expertise in but also find out what people are interested in by researching adverts and keywords.
  • Look for hot topics and then within that, there should be some evergreen opportunities
  • Use WordPress but managed by Wealthy Affiliate as this gives you: up-to-date training; technical support for when things go wrong, and they have for me; a community that supports you and shares your successes and bumps along the way, and will comment on your website.
  • The best trainers will include Dylan Rieger, Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Jay, who does a weekly hour-long training session live webinar, which are then available for Premium members. Start with those and you will soon find others you resonate with as well.
  • The training will help you spot scams and people will also blog about the more unusual ones they come across.

I hope this has been informative – Get in touch – I would love to hear from you!

PS Once you join Wealthy Affiliate all these links open automatically.




























Tailwind for Pinterest Users

Tailwind for Pinterest Users

Tailwind for Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic going to your website, blog or social media.  (By the way, Tailwind is often referred to as just Tailwind but is actually Tailwindapp!)

If you already have Pinterest but are not getting the views you need, Tailwind is a great way to increase your traffic!  Basically, you join one or more communities and pin each other’s pins.


Tailwind Special offer:

I have $30 off for you, good through June 30th – and I get $30, too!

Click here to get the special offer!!


Get more pins!
Get more pins!

























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BTW –  if you want help setting up a website or blog, and/or learning how to earn money from it, take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


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