Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

I love watching affiliate marketing success stories on video, but I often can’t find the one I’m looking for when I want to show someone, so I will collect them here and hopefully, you will enjoy them too!


10 Success Stories

This is a great video in which Vitaliy Gershfeld who is very successful, also showcases another 10 people who have had a lot of success with a Wealthy Affiliate company. You can read my review of it here.




Join here or check out my review of it here.




20 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Here JVanDerLaan does something similar but gives you 20 examples. Is it 20 or 17? He says 17 at the beginning of the video but titled it 20.


Real Examples

And here we have some more examples from Benji’s Dad




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