Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

I love watching affiliate marketing success stories on video, but I often can’t find the one I’m looking for when I want to show someone, so I will collect them here and hopefully, you will enjoy them too!


10 Success Stories

This is a great video in which Vitaliy Gershfeld who is very successful, also showcases another 10 people who have had a lot of success with a Wealthy Affiliate company. You can read my review of it here.




Join here or check out my review of it here.




20 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Here JVanDerLaan does something similar but gives you 20 examples. Is it 20 or 17? He says 17 at the beginning of the video but titled it 20.


Real Examples

And here we have some more examples from Benji’s Dad




Great stories from Wealthy Affiliate University members

Great stories from Wealthy Affiliate University members




7 months ago

Useful keywords from Jaaxy - anyone selling fruit trees? ...
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8 months ago

Julia Kossowska
Great commissions for this person! ...
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Keep learning
Keira Burton at Pexels
Wealthy Affiliate
Karolina Grabowska at Pexels

Youtube for Affiliate Marketing

Youtube for Affiliate Marketing

Have you thought about using Youtube for affiliate marketing?  It is a fantastic tool!

cottonbro at Pexels

Here are the stories of some people in the Wealthy Affiliate community who have been trying it out.


Click on any of these links:

YouTube Are You Utilizing this Great Source?



Step-by-step promoting with YouTube – great video

Give and receive Youtube comments here

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here

Introduction to the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course

Introduction to the Wealthy Affiliate Online certification course

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1 Lesson 1

Online Entrepreneur Certification – an introduction to the WA level 1 course

— Best Bloggers 4 U (@BestBloggers4u) 30 March 2019

Education for affiliates

Education for affiliates

Join Wealthy Affiliate and get an education for affiliates.  You get access to these 10 lessons absolutely free.  This will give you a great start and a good overview of the program.  You can then decide whether to opt into the Premium offering for further info.


Level 1 course overview
Level 1 course overview


Lesson 1

This is where you get the ball rolling and find out an overview of the course, how it all got started, how to engage with the community, what you would need to do to earn money and how to ask questions if you get stuck.

Here are Kyle and Carson who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and who are very active in helping members.

Kyle and Carson
Kyle and Carson






Wealthy Affiliate review for a wider picture.

4 steps to Success

There are four main things you need to learn about, but within these, there is lots to learn and lots of hints and tips.

4 steps to success
4 steps to success

4 steps to success


Your navigation area

Each of us gets a dashboard area from where to navigate to everything else. This will be explained.

A picture of your WA area and how to navigate it
An explanation of your WA area and how to navigate it


There are also videos to help you.

A Walk through video
The really useful walkthrough video









A picture showing account set up
Setting up your account









Once you have been through this lesson you can comment on it, ask questions and see what other people who have joined are saying about it.

Now go to

Wealthy Affiliate review for a wider picture.





Business Planning Process Steps

Business Planning Process Steps

Jaime Masters interviewing Sam Carpenter

I listened to an amazing podcast today. It is part of Jaime Masters Eventual Millionaire series which I love.  In this one, she was interviewing Sam Carpenter and he was discussing business planning process steps.

Sam Carpenter had been running a business for 15 years and putting a lot of hours into doing so.  He had hit a crisis point and was not expecting to be able to make the next payroll.  He employed about a dozen people at the time.  He went to bed and had an epiphany. He suddenly had a very clear realisation that his business was made up of lots of different separate systems. He needed to work on one of these at a time and get it running smoothly.

He went to the office the next day and called in his two managers.  They decided what was their biggest issue and then work out a 53-step process to ensure that this would work as smoothly as possible.  You can read more about it in this free book – Work the System on his website.  There is also a free audio version of the book.

Here is the interview on Youtube.

I was particularly surprised that he relied so much on Google Mail for organising his work.. I couldn’t decide if he also used the “Tasks” feature in Gmail or not, and also he didn’t go into whether he used any add-ons.


Work The System website

The Work the System website is worth a look at.  I have already mentioned the free book and the audio version – both of which I downloaded as I enjoy print and audio.

There is a 2-minute video where he explains what the system method is.

Then there is a webinar where he goes into more detail – entitled “How to Make More and Work Less”

There is also a podcast from Ben Kniffen of Linked Selling explaining how to use Linkedin as a business selling tool.

Here is another video in which Sam Carpenter talks about his philosophy of business organisation – probably quite a good summary of the book.


Michael Gerber and the E-myth.

The above podcast was very interesting but not because this is a new idea.

Quite some years ago I bought myself a set of cassette tapes(!!) called the E-myth.  It talked a lot about franchising and how analysing the systems and improving them enabled business to become profitable but also allowed them to be put in a position where the model could be sold.

This was followed up by Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”.

This is a very easy read but very thought-provoking.  It goes beyond the usual “work on the business, not in it”. It suggests four categories that most businesses have and then work out everything that needs to happen within these areas.  If you are a one-person business, then as you move from one area to area, you don’t have to remember everything.  As you grow and are ready to start employing others or using freelancers, then you will have a set of instructions, processes etc to pass on which will help to integrate them.

Here is a superb animation giving you an overview of some of the ideas in this book – but although you get some great nuggets, you don’t really get a flavour of the book so I would suggest you get it and read it.

I was lucky enough to hear Michael Gerber speak at a conference in Birmingham one year. He had a fascinating life story and held the audience as he told us stories of his youth, his jazz-playing lessons with an eccentric and very demanding teacher and through to adulthood and his business growth and the support his company gave to other small and large companies.

Unfortunately, I can’t share that experience with you, but here is a keynote speech he gave, which is more business-orientated.  He was wearing the same hat, and I think the same tie!

I will be returning to this and see how I can apply these ideas to my blogs at Wealthy Affiliate

Beyond the E-myth

I thought I had finished this section on Michael Gerber but I have now just com across the interview which I haven’t listened to but I will put it here so that I can!


Chet Holmes – The Ultimate Sales Machine

The above ideas can be applied to sales.

In this video, we get some very quick and do-able ideas from Chet’s book.

This video is very watchable and quick but doesn’t cover much of the material.

This next video covers a lot – but isn’t quite as watchable.  There again it covers a lot of material.  I may change it if I find something better.  Let me know what you think?



Perhaps you prefer Chet himself.  This is longer but for me easier to listen to.



I read another book with a similar name that I enjoyed.

Ryan Deiss’s The Invisible Selling Machine

It is another example of creating a system and then working the system.

Here we have a description of the 5 phases of the machine.


Ryan’s latest tweet is a quote from Emerson which I think is particularly pertinent for those of us at Wealthy Affiliate.

Certainly, if you do nothing the prize will not be sent to you!! Obvious really, but still needs saying sometimes – if only to ourselves.

So let’s get to it and put some processes in place!

Let me know what you think of this article and these videos.

Have you got any examples of then you systemised something and the difference it made?

Most of the things I have systemised have been to do with email – particularly using Gmail, but I am also a fan of IFTTT and I have played around with that A LOT over the last few years.

If you are already part of Wealthy Affiliate – can these ideas help you there? I think you can and will!

What about the idea that personal life is also made up of a lot of systems?  I suppose we might call them routines and habits?

I look forward to hearing your ideas – jot them down in the comments and I will get back to you!






FOCUS – follow one course until successful

FOCUS – follow one course until successful

I first came across this advice on a John Lee Dumas podcast.

Recently I also saw it as the title of a Huffington Post article, where it tells us that it was actually Robert Kiyosaki who coined the phrase “FOCUS – follow one course until successful.”  Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and has done very well for himself.

This is a road with the words Focus follow one course until successful written on it
Follow one course until successful

Focus on Making $33 a month

Focus gets mentioned a lot on Wealthy Affiliate and for good reason.

Leoemery has been on Wealthy Affiliate since 2003 and is now very successful so when he told us to FOCUS on making $33 a month when he is someone who is moving towards 7-figures a month then I wanted to know why.

Read more here

I decided to have a look around and see who else had been writting about focus and what they suggest we might focus on.


How To Use Focus To Get What You Want From Wealthy Affiliate

This is a short article on Focus by WendyK a couple of years ago.

It included a great quote from Anthony Robbins answering the question of why some of us dodn’t achieve what we truely want to.

I’ll give you a clue – it includes the word focus


20 Productivity Tips to Stay Focused

Loes has amazing articles showcasing productivity tools.

Here, however, we just have 20 tips to improve your productivity.

I say just – but your productivity would rocket if you put all of these into action.  I know mine would!

I particularly like 9, 10 and 11 – not surprising really!

Hopefully, you already do some of these but I bet you don’t do all of them!

John and his Dogs

John Newman writes about some of the issues of staying focused when working from home  and also offers some solutions.

For him scheduling is particularly important but so his remembering he is choosing to be at home with his family.

He gets quite a few questions about his scheduling which he answers – especially on page 5.


Process is more important than outcome

If we have a challenging goal it is obviously going to take some time so we had better enjoy the journey!!

Jetrbby reminds us to focus on the process, not the outcome.

Here is a quote from his article which I found intriguing

Quote Instead let go of the need for any particular outcome, and you will increase your chances for s and c.

I definitely agree with the word beginning with “c” – but I am still pondering the one beginning with “s”.

Can you guess what the missing words are?


How important is FOCUS to you?

Has this article given you any new inspiration?

Have you any new ideas or questions?

Let me know in the comments below.  I love hearing from people and learning from them.

If you are already part of Wealthy Affiliate then let me know and say hello!







Make Money Online Fast

Make Money Online Fast

Well, we all want to make money online fast.   Although I think making larger amounts of passive money is more interesting, (click here for my prefered solution – free training available) there are times when we just need to get on and get some money in our pockets.

TES Resources and Teachers Pay Teachers

Most teachers will know about websites like in the US  and in the UK.  Many teachers are using the resources they have or are creating to give them an healthy extra income. Obviously the amount paid will depend on the quantity and quality of the materials you upload.


Teachers have to have a wide variety of skills and learn others on the job. These are marketable.

Skills you can sell on Fiverr


People Per Hour

If you are not in full-time work at the moment you might want to consider People per hour where large or more reglar work is more likely to be offered.


Other sites like this

Upwork – –

Microworkers –  – this one is a bit different

Toptal –

Gig bucks – – more like Fiverr –

Task rabbit –  – practical tasks rather than online, but I thought I would throw it in here in case you want to walk away from the computer from time to time – or you might want someone to do these tasks while you get on with making money in a way that you enjoy.

Contentdada –  – content writing services. (Click here to learn how to earn money blogging the right way – which will also make you more valuable as a writer on sites like this.)


How good are you at design work?

If you have good design and IT skills then try these websites

99designs  –

DesignCrowd –

Envato Studio


Use AliExpress and Dropship your Product

In this video we see how you can test the market, buy things after you have sold them, use facebook and Instagram to increase your audience and use Shopify to set your own prices.


How to Make Money on Fiverr with Mockups

This one is good if you can use photoshop or something similar.

How To Make Money Video Editing Online! (Make Money Freelance Editing)

Video editing and selling your work on Upwork.

Obviously, you need some skill in video-editing to be doing this.


But my favourite – you’ve guessed it – is Wealthy Affiliate -click for the review.








Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I am using to building this and other websites.

I have only recently joined so will be updating this Wealthy Affiliate Review as I go along.

So far – I am absolutely blown away!!!

It was easy to join with no credit card needed and I had immediate access to loads of training materials and the ability to set up 2 WordPress websites.

Sign up here for free – you never need to upgrade if the free version suits you.

Now I have made use of the free WordPress offerings in the past but this is much better as it is the equivalent (as far as I can see) of the paid for professional version. The first thing that I was pleased to see was that all the plugins are available. This was probably my greatest frustration with the free WordPress sites I ran.

I loved the free training – I did both the main courses although the suggestion was that you did one or the other. I was able to go through them quite quickly as I have an ICT background and I love this sort of thing. Also, I was so excited about it I couldn’t sleep so got up and worked on the second course through the night. I know, sad!! I’m sure I won’t keep doing that!

There are masses of other videos and blogs that you can look at in the free area. I did wonder if I should stick to the free offering and build up the websites with all this information and I think this could be effective but they have some amazing research tools in the paid version and I was dying to get my hands on those.

How does it work?

Basically there are just four things you need to do. OK – there are lots of things you need to do within these four areas, but you can come to that later.

1. Choose an interest

2. Build a website

3. Attract visitors

4. Earn revenue

The first lot of training (10 lessons) gives you an overview of all of these aspects but then really helps you set up your website and the first few pages.

The emphasis is to do it in such a way in that it will rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo so that you get lots of free appropriate traffic.

One of the ways that you can monetize your site is through affiliate links (many other ways are also covered in later training).

Did you know that in Amazon alone you can promote 488 million products? Well, I should say that you can choose from 488 million products, as you will never have time to promote them all! Not only that, but there are over 100,000 other companies looking for affiliates.

Why is this so good for teachers?

Well there is quite a bit of writing to do and teachers are usually good at writing, but more important teachers usually have or are creating masses of content on a weekly basis. Some of this might only get used once. You can re-purpose this material so you wouldn’t even need to be starting from scratch.

For example – supposing you were a geography teacher and had prepared some work on e.g. rivers. You could make that material one of your posts – with some relevant links at the bottom of the page. Maybe maps, books etc. You might want to prepare your notes on the website and share it with your students, then later you might want to add the links and share it with other teachers.

You might want to target someone other than your students. My other Wealthy Affiliate website is aimed mainly at parents.

Go here to try it out.

Why did I move so quickly to the paid version if the free version is so good?

I did consider staying for longer on the free version but there were a number of things that the paid version offers that I want ed immediate access to:

  • The research tools
  • 25 websites available to set up – and I have a couple of others I want to start soon. I know, I know, I should be doing one at a time!
  • Hosting, domains and unlimited emails attached to these websites- without having to set them up and pay for them all separately – as I have done previously with other projects I was involved in. I am quite good with computers but I am not a techie and sometimes in the past this was a real headache – whereas this looks so straight-forward.
  • Live webinars – and access to the complete backlog of previous webinars as replays (over 400) – I love teaching and learning so I just love having access to high quality materials.
  • Getting paid twice as much for referrals. You can get paid for referrals as a free member – and I think they are quite generous rates. However, you get paid virtually double if you are a paid up member. I have quite a few friends who want websites that are straight-forward to use and although they are not interested in affiliate marketing (yet) I think this might be just what they are looking for – at least for some of them.
  • The chance to attend a convention in Las Vegas if more than 300 people sign up in 2018. Now that is something I would love to do – next year if not this year.

Here are some of the features as a table:

So sign up for the free version and check it out. It could change your life!




An overview of the main training


Click here and I will be available to talk directly to you.   Look out for messages from Juliako.   See you soon!

BTW – you could win a trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas
David Vives at Pexels