What to Create an Online Business In?

What to Create an Online Business in?

So, you want to create an online business. But the question you have is – What to Create an Online Business in? Perhaps you enjoy working online and love the idea of staying at home and working on your computer and earning money from what you do. Better still you can choose whatever topic you want to write about?

However, you wonder to yourself,

  • Should you choose the topic you’re really interested in or concentrate on what other people are looking for?
  • Should you choose a topic that’s hot or should you choose something evergreen?
  • What’s the best website platform to use?
  • Who are the best trainers?
  • How can you avoid scams?

My answer has been to join Wealthy Affiliate and to learn as I build my affiliate marketing business.  This works particularly well for me, as my websites also support my tutoring business.  Wealthy Affiliate is sometimes referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University and I think that is particularly appropriate. There are hundreds if not thousands of hours of training available, an amazing community and many other benefits. It is far cheaper than going to university but for me, I think it offers many of the benefits. Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you’re not already familiar with it.

How to Create an Online Business

Here is a great video by Dylan Rieger

Here he shows you some of the success stories in Wealthy Affiliate and also gives a really good overview of Wealthy Affiliate.

Dylan Rieger explains how he was able to create an online business so successfully  – within a year!

First of all, let’s be clear Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme so so it is important not to think that you’re going to make money instantaneously. It’s about putting in some hard work at the beginning so that long term you can benefit from some passive income. Unlike a job where you get paid for what you do at the end of the month, with any article that you write you might not be getting any money for it for a few months but then you might get paid a small amount for many years if you keep your website. Some people may choose to sell their website so that they can get a quicker return.

In this article, Dylan talks about how he made it to Vegas in the first year. Basically, this means that he was very successful in attracting people to his website and many of those not only bought from his website but also chose to join Wealthy Affiliate themselves. Any year that 300 people or more join Wealthy Affiliate through your website or other links, you win an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas to meet with the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and the other ear people who have won the trip. Those who get to go say they gain an immense amount from it but also the rest of us benefit from the wealth of their wisdom as training etc is added to the wealthy affiliate platform from their experience.

You can read his full article here

You will need to join (for free) to read the article – but it will be worth it! Even if you only read this one article!

Create an online business and go to Las Vegas
Create an online business and go to Las Vegas

He tells you about the niche (area of interest) he works in and his method to find suitable products to review.  He shows you a few things that don’t work and explains why they don’t eg copying other people’s keywords, reviews of older products, etc.

Dylan’s New Strategy – In Just 6 months Dylan went from $0 to $3000+

Now although Dylan has already had some very successful strategies after going to Vegas he decided to try and promote a product in a new niche. It paid off handsomely.

Once again he was using reviews to help grown numbers visiting his website but here he does something very interesting to make sure his targeting new products.

Basically, it is to do with looking at adverts and then reviewing them but there is a little bit more to it and he goes into this in greater detail in this article.


Get the basics in place first.

Now, I’m sure Dylan would agree that all of what he does works partly because he’s got the basics in place first.

So to make sure that can happen for you, there are two courses to choose from when you join Wealthy Affiliate. When you join for free, you can do the first 10 lessons from either of these courses. By then you should know if you want to upgrade and get access to all the premium material. I upgraded two days later as I was hungry for the rest of the material and have never regretted it.

So to answer some of the initial questions regarding how to create an online business:

  • Choose something that you have an interest in and maybe expertise in but also find out what people are interested in by researching adverts and keywords.
  • Look for hot topics and then within that, there should be some evergreen opportunities
  • Use WordPress but managed by Wealthy Affiliate as this gives you: up-to-date training; technical support for when things go wrong, and they have for me; a community that supports you and shares your successes and bumps along the way, and will comment on your website.
  • The best trainers will include Dylan Rieger, Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Jay, who does a weekly hour-long training session live webinar, which are then available for Premium members. Start with those and you will soon find others you resonate with as well.
  • The training will help you spot scams and people will also blog about the more unusual ones they come across.

I hope this has been informative – Get in touch – I would love to hear from you!

PS Once you join Wealthy Affiliate all these links open automatically.




























Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

I love watching affiliate marketing success stories on video, but I often can’t find the one I’m looking for when I want to show someone, so I will collect them here and hopefully, you will enjoy them too!


10 Success Stories

This is a great video in which Vitaliy Gershfeld who is very successful, also showcases another 10 people who have had a lot of success with a Wealthy Affiliate company. You can read my review of it here.




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20 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Here JVanDerLaan does something similar but gives you 20 examples. Is it 20 or 17? He says 17 at the beginning of the video but titled it 20.


Real Examples

And here we have some more examples from Benji’s Dad




Great stories from Wealthy Affiliate University members

Great stories from Wealthy Affiliate University members

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For my review of Wealthy Affiliate click here.

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