Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Here is my Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review which as well as validating the product will give you hints and tips as to how you might use it.

If you just want the Keyword tool, you can buy it or try it here – you can get a trial account.


However, it makes a lot more sense to buy it once you are a paid-up member of Wealthy Affiliate as there are various options and you would end up with a lot of training materials and many other benefits as well.  See here for my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

A Video from Wealthy Affiliate expert Jay

In this video, Jay shows us some great ways of using Jaaxy

Keyword Research

Using Jaaxy Like a Keyword Research Ninja

This is a really useful video.

Jay starts by giving an overview of how Jaaxy works so if there is anything you don’t understand below, it’s worth returning to this video.  you will have to join Wealthy Affiliate to do so but it is free and you don’t need a credit card or anything to do so.

Also, I just want to clarify that my screenshots will look a bit different from Jay’s, as he says, he is using the Enterprise version and I am using the lite version. The lite version is brilliant!!  I know that the heavy hitters will be saying that the Business and Enterprise versions do so much more but, for the moment, I am loving the lite version which comes free will Premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate. If you upgrade to Premium Plus at Wealthy Affiliate you then get the Jaaxy Enterprise level thrown in free.  Although prices may vary over time, if you get Wealthy Affiliate, you are effectively getting 2 for the price of 1.


Introducing Jaaxy with the help of fruit trees.

Imagine that you’re going to use Jaaxy to help you create a website or blog about fruit trees. It could be that you sell fruit trees. It may be that you have some affiliate products that would fit well with fruit trees and so you’ve decided to create a website to sell those affiliate products using fruit trees to draw in your buyers.

I typed in “fruit trees” in the keyword section of Jaaxy. I have also clicked on the heading Avg so that all the keywords that are searched for more often are at the top of the list.


Search in Jaaxy
Doing a keyword search in Jaaxy


First of all, you can say immediately that fruit trees would be a good keyword to use.  There are plenty of people looking for fruit trees and there are particularly plenty of people who are looking for fruit trees to buy.

The number in the average column tells you how many people are looking for that keyword per month.

The next column tells you how many people you might have visiting your website if you manage to get your web page onto the front page of Google.

The QSR column tells you how much competition you have for that particular keyword. You have to click on “Get QSR” for that number to come up.  Looking for the average column to be high and the QSR column to below. More specifically you’ll be looking for keywords where the first column is more than 100 and the QSR code is less than 100.

The SEO column tells you how likely you are to get to be able to write an article that can rank in Google. It ranges from 1-100, with the higher numbers showing you where there is the most chance of ranking.

Finally, the Domains column shows you domains you can buy. If it says “Search”, you know that there are .com, .org or .net domains. If it says “Find More” then .com, .org or .net domains are not available but will make some other suggestions.





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